On Diwali, the festival of lights – My perspective on Brightness and light !
|   Nov 07, 2015
On Diwali, the festival of lights – My perspective on Brightness and light !

Diwali is around the corner,

Fun, celebration and happiness is in the air

I sit and ponder, at the sky I stare

Let me express my perspective on the day of festival of lights,

Do you have few moments to spare?


Lost I was in the monotonous, fake world,

When something magical I suddenly felt

I sensed someone - Small yet powerful, tiny yet beautiful,

Mischievous yet meaningful, clingy yet wonderful –came by!

Those tiny fingers moved, those beautiful eyes looked at me.

 That moment she told me, Mom, I am your life – your hope, ray of light!

Each day passed in a unique way, Days and months have gone by..

She pulled me from the synthetic happiness

To fill my life with peace and gladness...

Not to deny, there have been days I have felt annoyed,

Frustrated, tired and exhausted, Give up I might !

Oh God why is this little devil neither eating nor sleeping,

What’s happening I would wonder, Is this my plight

The next moment when those innocent eyes give me a glance,

All my anxiety vanishes at that one sight

She makes me realize the design of life –

“All worries and sorrows will vanish any moment

Just wait, for that one glance – Just hold on tight “

She fills my life with brightness and light!!




There have been days when I and my spouse argue,

 When we don’t really agree, it ends up in a fight

The noise and the heated exchange of words pauses

Fades away the moment she runs and stands by our side

Her smile and inquisitive look makes us realize it’s really not worth it

It’s just one life, keep the anger aside, its alright

The wonderful human that she is, tiny and petite

She fills our life with brightness and light!!


She is growing up so fast, time just flies,

Goes to play school, the cute tiny tot;

She learns to paint, scribble and spill, make a mess, dance and sing

Comes back and ensures she repeats what her teacher taught

We play with paint and clay, gum and water

We make a mess too, we stay abreast, and we unite

She has brought back colour and instilled childhood back in us

She has filled our lives with brightness and light!!


Our days are brighter, nights little longer,

Worries and pain have subsided,

Innocence has bred happiness, relationships have become stronger

She has brought about a purpose to our life

On the occasion of Diwali, the festival of lights

I dedicate this note to my cute little angel, - fast asleep by my side

She fills our life with brightness and light!

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