The best manager award goes to Akhira!!
|   Feb 24, 2016
The best manager award goes to Akhira!!

Time: 6: 00 am

The phone bell rang, Akhira rushed out of her bed to pick the call as it was an odd time to receive calls .It was her cook. “I have personal emergency and I can’t come for next two days” She hung up even before Akhira could respond. Thus Akhira’s day began.

Someday it is the cook, some days the maid and other days it is the nanny. Resource crunch being a major concern, she stretched herself to accommodate to either of these roles on need basis – A juggler in real sense, working under pressure had become Akhira’s second nature.

Tasks to do for the day: 6:00 am to 8:00 am

·         Do the bed

·         Boil milk

·         Prepare and pack lunch for the kid, her & spouse

·         Prepare morning breakfast

·         Wake the kid up and get her ready for playschool

·         Make kid complete the homework pending from last night

·         Wake the husband up and make him get going

·         Answer the phone a few times  

And she managed to do all of this within 1 hour and 45 minutes and sat down for her breakfast.Kid spilled milk on her uniform and on the floor and sofa.She just looked at her little one, gave a smile and said “Its ok kanna”. She gulped her breakfast quickly and cleaned up the mess. She went inside to fetch the little one’s spare uniform (not ironed), quickly ironed it and got her dressed up again. Time was 5 past 8. She was running behind schedule by 5 min, and for catching up, she skipped doing herself up,picked up her bag, kids bag and rushed with the kid to drop her off at school. It was 8:15 am, they reached the school on time. Deadline 1 – Met. A sense of accomplishment in Akhira’s face, she moved ahead to her workplace.

Time: 9:00 am


Time available: 8:00 hrs.

Akhira tried her best to plan and prioritize her tasks such that her efficiency is the highest and she could wind up on time to go back home. Unlike her colleagues, especially the male colleagues who had the luxury of time in their favor, she raced against time to churn out quality work. It was 6:00 pm and she packed her bag to leave and a stare from one of her colleagues is something she chose to ignore every day. She was punctual, she had finished her work on time and she was proud of herself. With her head held high, she headed home for the second shift



Time 7:00 pm.

She came home, quickly freshened up and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner, considering priorities of her spouse, kid and in laws she prepared dinner that did not disappoint anyone. She wanted to wind up work in the kitchen by 8:00 pm so she could spend time with her angel. 8:05 pm and she is done with her dinner preparation. She came to her angel to sit and play for some time forgetting everything around her. She enjoyed her time with the little one but little one was starting to become cranky – it was time to feed her. Angel was a fussy eater and the effort that Akhira had to put in was quite daunting. She did that happily, figuring out new games each day to keep the little one occupied so she opened her mouth to eat her food. It looked very simple for others however, innovating a game for a toddler every day is stupendous and is to be appreciated.

Time 9:30 pm

Little one had successfully finished her dinner and it was now Akhira’s turn to clean up the place- there was food all over the toys, all toys out of the toy shelf, little one had spilt water from her sipper and was making a mess with the hand, squatting on the floor. Akhira pulled the little one away from the water, got her cleaned up, put her on the bicycle and cleaned up the mess her brat managed to create. It was already 10:30 and Akhira felt like crashing on the bed, she had a lot more unfinished work, she reminded herself .She totally forgot about having her dinner. She had her dinner quickly and went to the kid’s shelf to get things ready for the day ahead. She arranged the uniform, bag, checked little one’s homework (thanks god she was only in playschool –homework took only 10-15 minutes time and it could be accommodated in the morning, she thought). She then went to the bedroom with a bed time story book for the next one hour session to put Angel to sleep. This little one doesn’t sleep that easily on any given day .It was midnight and kid had dozed off finally. It was 30 minutes past midnight as she checked her emails one last time, made sure all lights and fans were off and hit the bed, mentally preparing herself for the day ahead which was just 5 hours away.

So much and more could be done was Akhira’s approach to life. She managed all that she had to, with a smile. She dint lose her cool sometimes, but that was once in a blue moon. Strength, power, patience, intelligences, presence of mind, adjustment were some of her virtues. And the best manager award goes to this smiling face with an optimistic approach to life – Akhira!


This is the story of you. Story of me. Story of every mother every day! The best manager is the one who pulls off all the work, delegates appropriately, has the authority and the responsibility for almost everything happening, manages resource crunch, encourages the team, doesn’t blame anyone or pass the buck, is patient and doesn’t crib about the never ending tasks. And there is a tick in all these checkboxes for you. Hey mommy, you are Akhira – You are the best manager ever! Be proud!! Keep it going. You are the best!!





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