The first time that kid called me Aunty! Aunty ..aunty (still echoing)
|   Sep 19, 2016
The first time that kid called me Aunty! Aunty ..aunty (still echoing)

When I had just joined my post graduation, I was with my friends at Landmark one day and a big ball came rolling near my feet. As I leaned forward to pick up the ball, a little brat , may be 4 years of age came rushing to me ,stared at me and said “Give me that ball AUNTY” and he vanished. I just stood there frozen for a few seconds. What? Aunty what? Do I even look like aunty? How dare that little brat called me that. He doesn’t even know how address elders. All this running in my mind, something carried me back to when I was in class 10.

There was this family that had newly moved into the house above us. One kid , husband and wife and the woman was pregnant with the second one if I remember right. She came down to just strike a friendly conversation, to get to know each other and enthusiastically she asked me which class I was in? I said”I am in class 10 Aunty”. She suddenly became quiet and dull, and there was a moment of silence and then she replied. O nice, You can call me Akka( sister) .I am only few years older than you. I said ok Akka. I then pondered why she responded that way and why she got offended when I called her Aunty

And now it struck me hard. I felt the way she must have felt that day. It was weird being called Aunty . And once I got married, every other kid started calling me Aunty this , Aunty that and the frequency has only increased multifold now that I am a mother to a toddler. It was really hard to digest when that little brat called me Aunty that day but now I am just so used to it and I also know there is no other relative terms the kids could use to address me too.

Whatever said, whenever I am addressed as Aunty I feel a little older, a little fatter, a little more boring and tired , a little more worn out. The word is powerful indeed. Not that I have a choice , I receive it anyway with a smile and move on . O, but the transition from Akka to Aunty was hard ,like real hard. O come on I am just 30 ,I don’t deserve to be called Aunty , I feel like screaming aloud only to realize I am quite old and may be Aunty fits me just right.


A Fellow Aunty who hates being called that.



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