The Oxymoronic healthy Pizza – A must try for all !
|   Nov 25, 2015
The Oxymoronic healthy Pizza – A must try for all !

It has been raining cats and dogs this time in Chennai and many parts of Tamilnadu, Schools and Colleges have been closed for almost two weeks now. It is becoming more difficult for mothers to manage their kids at home and keep them engaged not letting them go out to play. As we all know kids become more restless staying at home not knowing what to do and also fuss for eating the usual menu that we make for breakfast and dinner. I am here to share a recipe that I tried on one such rainy day, and I am sure all kids would love it because it’s yummy and all moms will endorse it because it is healthy and not junk. So here we go, as oxymoronic as it sounds here is “Healthy pizza” homemade recipe.


--> Yummy and healthy homemade pizza

--> Happy kids, happy parents

--> Happy wallets (  Can serve the family at the cost of one pizza J )


Preparation time 15 min to ½ hour

Cooking time – 5 -7 min


Pizza base – Wheat bread/Aalu paratha /any paratha – I used wheat bread for the below.

Sauce for the base – Homemade Tomato chutney with Onion, garlic / Kissan hot and sweet tomato sauce


·         Capsicum - 2

·         Onion - 3

·         Spring onion

·         Tomato - 3

·         Sweet corn/baby corn

·         Soya nuggets

·         Paneer

·         Brocolli


·         Cheese slices for the base –I used Britannia cheese slices

·         Mozzarella cheese for topping

Steps to make

1)  If you choose paratha as your base, keep them ready. I have used bread.

2) Cut all vegetables into small squares– I have used capsicum, onions, spring onions, tomato and soya in my version

3) Shallow fry onions, spring onions, capsicum separately in butter/ghee adding little salt and keep aside. If you are using broccoli – soak them in boiling hot water with little salt for few minutes. Tomato and Onion can be used raw as well.

4)  If you want to use paneer, cut them into small cubes, shallow fry them in a frying pan with ghee, and once done transfer them into a bowl filled with hot water. This will prevent the paneer for becoming hard.

5)   Take your pizza base and spread the tomato chutney/tomato sauce on the base.

6)   Top it with one cheese slice.

7)   Put vegetables of your choice on the cheese such a way that all veggies are added in equal quantities.

8)   Sprinkle salt and pepper over the veggies. You can also sprinkle chilli flakes /oregano if you want a spicy version

9)   Grate the mozzarella cheese on top of the veggies such that it spreads over all the veggies.

10)  Heat a flat pan, add some butter and carefully place the fully loaded base and close it with the lid – ensure the heat is in the minimum possible

11)  Open the lid in five min to check if the cheese has melted to cover the veggies. Also make sure your bread crust does not turn too charred.

12)   If you are using paratha as base, you can use microwave to cook your pizza. This would ensure your base does not get too hard.

I hope you enjoy it :) Cheers ! 

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