The special touch! - My baby’s skin, a delicate treasure
|   Oct 24, 2016
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The special touch! - My baby’s skin, a delicate treasure

Extreme pain as if a thousand elephants stomped me, I was almost sure that I couldn’t bear it any longer and I would pass; and a bleak cry shook me suddenly only to tell that pain was special and it was not one but two lives that were born then. My gynaecologist announced that it was a girl. Tired and exhausted, I smiled with tears flowing down my cheek . A moment later, there was this tender tiny being on my chest, the first touch was special – I couldn’t hug her though, my hands were still tied to the sides. I was carrying her for nine months but this connection was ecstatic. She touched me with her pink tender skin.  And since then she was my priority and that tender delicate skin sought all my attention.

Unlike our skin, hers was super delicate, super thin and super soft and that which needs extreme care. It was extremely tough for us to stop people from touching her. Everyone – relatives and friends were super excited to take her in their arms and hug her and kiss her. O wait – really. Could I just tell you on your face that her skin was too tender for all your explicit love? It was kinda tough because they wouldn’t understand. And those hands that wanted to carry her during hospital visit – “Please use sanitizer, get your hand clean and then proceed “I so wanted to put a board there as I was tired of telling people. We somehow made sure everyone followed the protocol, some understood, some showed faces, not that we cared – all I cared was about my little one’s sensitive skin that needed to be protected. 

Few days and we were back to my mom’s house and “picture abhi baaki hai” – the hospital visits were only 10% of the total visits. We had at least a dozen visitors each day and strict protocols were put in place:

  • Wash your feet and enter the room
  • Use sanitizer, let it dry and then think about touching my angel’s tiny fingers
  • Do not kiss her and give her rashes

In spite of this, she did get those red rashes on her face and I am yet to find the kisser culprit.

We also had to take extra care washing her clothes - we avoided usual detergents and Dettol and used baby cloth detergents – more natural with no chemicals.

Ants and mosquitos played their part in bringing more panic. They refused to understand that my angel was so little and they were not supposed to harm her. They had to bite her and those small red spots on her leg and hands due to these bites brought tears in my eyes. How cruel those insects were? Damn. And I couldn’t use mosquito mat or hit to keep them away which turned the situation to shoo them away even more challenging. Neem leaves, mosquito bats, mosquito net, anything and everything possible was done to keep these heartless insects away from my innocent angel.

Few things that I learnt in the process of protecting my child’s skin that I would want to share are here:

  1. Wash new clothes before making her wear it. Wash it with the gentle baby detergent before using it.
  2. Use soft cotton clothes and don’t use thick synthetic clothes to help the skin breathe better in summer.
  3. Check pH levels in the soap and liquids you use on your baby’s skin. You need not necessarily use soap every day. An alternate day use of soap works better for my kid. Check what works best for your little one’s skin. But do give them a water wash every day or even twice a day if it is too hot.
  4. Oil massage at least once a week helps retain softness and moisture of your baby’s skin and retains a wonderful shine. It can be even more frequent until they are two years old.
  5. Too dry climate, low humidity, hereditary reasons may cause Atopic dermatitis. Keep a watch for extreme sensitivity in skin, dry scales, rashes, itching and blisters. Reach out to your doctor immediately to keep it under control
  6. Give them a lot of water (after six months of exclusive breast feeding) to keep their skin hydrated.
  7. Don’t use creams, cosmetics, shampoos with chemicals, sticker bindis on kids less than 5 years. Better safe than sorry, don’t you think?
  8. Take care of their feet, don’t buy footwear that are too tight and which pinch their skin. Comfort should be the deciding factor. Fashion has a lot more years ahead to dive in and rule their lives.
  9. Don’t kiss your baby until she is old enough to take it – it's for her own good.
  10. Make her sleep on a soft bed-sheet. We usually make soft bed sheets out of used cotton saris which are extra soft and cozy to delicate skin.

I think I pretty much shared all I could recollect to pamper my little one’s skin and protect it as much as possible. Hope it helped.

The video below also might help you with a few tips . Happy parenting :) 

Image Credit: WebMD

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