The unexpected guest: My love, my life
|   Apr 19, 2016
The unexpected guest: My love, my life

Today: My world is colourful, bright and beautiful, all because of my unexpected guest. She has turned my life’s journey more meaningful than ever. A quick rewind, here goes the journey unexpected.

June 26th 2013 9:09 am: A thousand elephants stamped on me and I yelled and cried and twitched in pain, a moment later I opened my eyes with a vague thought if my life had come to an end, a mild cry and a tiny soul welcomed me back into the world, a world more beautiful than ever as my little angel had just arrived.

June 25th 2013 10:00 pm: I felt uneasy, scared, restless and exhausted, there was a pricking pain in my tummy, the tummy that had held and protected my angel for nine months. I decided to drop by my gynecologist’s place; she told me all was well, “your child (she made sure she never disclosed the gender, though she was our family doctor for years now) is fine, nothing to worry”. She asked me to come back and get admitted when pain became intense, hospital was at a stone’s throw. Today was my due date and till this moment my angel had chosen to keep quiet, there was this concern building up if something had gone wrong and she decided to give me a hint that she was prepping for her grand release.

April 7th 2013 11:00 am: It was time for my scan. My spouse and I were very eager to see our little one, my doc had told us this scan was special as organs would have developed and we could actually see a fully formed baby. The little nose resembled my mom –we laughed, one hand was resting beneath her chin, as if she were looking , pondering who we were, her tiny feet one over the other , she was at peace in her cozy home and the whole day thereafter was only about her looks , her dimples (she dint have one ,but our enthusiasm was overwhelming) and a bet whether it was a boy or a girl(we dint know then) , all this and more after the scan that day ,we were delighted as we waited.

February 2nd 2013 7:00 am: It was my birthday, we decided to go Pondichery to have some fun and enjoy the breeze. A small bump was all I had, my weight was increasing steadily, however I still fit into my clothes which I would outgrow very soon. My first birthday as a married woman, we decided to getaway for a weekend as it might get unsafe for me to travel, the closer we get to due date. It was a wonderful weekend, serene.

November 3rd 2012 6:30 pm: Diwali was always special, this one even more -the first after my wedding. Only my very close family – my parents & sis, my better half, his mom & sis knew I was on my family way. Here in the south, it is not revealed until we are well past the first trimester, just to make sure we are away from “Buri nazar” which might affect pregnant woman’s health and baby in the womb, better safe than sorry.

October 15th 2012: Way too tense awaiting my monthly guest, only now did I have a hunch that something was not ok. I called up my doctor and she said, “Get a pregnancy test done and check for the colour”. The hypothesis that I was pregnant was null with as high as 95% probability I thought, only to see that the test proved me wrong and hypothesis right, no Type 1, type 2 errors this time.

October 11th 2012

 My monthly guest failed to arrive this time; it was almost a week past my usual cycle. I felt weird as I usually don’t miss my periods unless I was on heavy antibiotics or something. I spoke to my mom and she asked me to give it some time, “it was just a week”, she said.  It never occurred to me that I might have got pregnant; I had no idea that protections were not foolproof.

Note : This style of writing is called Reverse chronology - My first attempt at it :) 

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