When my Hubby woke up pregnant one fine day!! (Short story)
|   Jun 12, 2017
When my Hubby woke up pregnant one fine day!! (Short story)

Their eyes met and their hearts fell in love with each other, it was all so perfect as the flowers of spring fell from the beautiful mahogany tree and lifted the moment just a little bit further. Wait. This sounds like a movie right. Yeah ,it was nothing of that sort. Kamini's was a typical arranged marriage where the kundalis were matched , oldies spoke and the youngsters were allowed to meet once to try and pin point one good reason for rejecting the bride or groom, but for which the wedding was on . 

Kamini and Saurav were happily married ( just a phrase ) I am not even sure how the phrase came up though :). Two years into marriage Saurav started falling in love with Kamini for her love and affection, for her wonderful cooking, for her wit and humour , for her humble selflessness. His love for her and for her food was evident from the small pot belly that was starting to show. It was a usual trait for a man to put on belly few months into marriage, I am sure you would agree.

Back from work on a Friday evening, both of them wanted to sleep post a quick dinner after a tiring day, Saurav had just finalised his travel plans for the next short term assignment in London and Kamini wound up her interior design for one of her large clients. Exhausted, both hit the bed hugged each other to fall asleep listening to their favourite 80's Hindi melodies.

Sun shone bright into their lazy Saturday and Saurav woke up feeling a little dizzy and nauseous , pondering what was wrong with his head. As he brushed his teeth , he felt pukish and could not resist spitting the paste out . He sat down the stool nearby wondering if he had got drunk last night ,but could hardly recollect doing so. A small pack from the bathroom shelf stared at him as if commanding him to pick it up  . He walked towards it , picked it up as it read " Pregnancy test Kit" . He recollected how Kamini was describing a home test to confirm pregnancy before a doctor's visit. They were planning for a baby , he thought to himself and grinned. Weirdly , he went ahead to test his urine and a pink line showed up . How on earth could a man be pregnant. What the hell was he doing . How would Kamini react if he told her he tested positive in home pregnancy . He had no idea as to what was going on . He was at a Clinic in the next few minutes. He looked up and the name plate read " Dr. Revathi  - Gynecologist". As if he was sleep walking, he walked in to get himself checked and the doctor asked him to take a scan after two weeks which would confirm the heart beat and then Saurav had to come for regular checkups. Doctor had also asked him to refrain from riding a bike, travelling in a plane , drinking and smoking.  Not that Saurav smoked, but the other three were inevitable for his career. He had just planned and got his visa for his next assignment. What would he tell his clients and what reason could he probably tell his boss - "That he is pregnant? " He could not believe that all this was happening , but he was happy on one side. A child was something he and Kamini had always dreamt of. He was still puzzled as to how he was pregnant and not Kamini. He shook Kamini out from sleep to tell this news only to see her overjoyed and jump around like a kid . So was it normal for him to be pregnant ? Was he in another world ? Was it a dream ? Was he supposed to tell Kamini about how doctor  asked him to refrain from travelling? Kamini quickly charted a good diet plan for the next one week for him which included fruits, nuts, juices, milk , protein  and all things healthy . 

Saurav got ready to go to office still not clear whether it was real that he was pregnant. Thanks to his pot belly, he could hide his tummy growing for quite a few months , he thought. Months passed by, he put on weight in odd places no longer fitting into his pants, buying few inches bigger pants , and putting aside all his slim fit shirts , branded ones ,into the shelf. Two tablets to be taken everyday, he had to eat dates and nuts and everything had changed upside down. He had to run to the washroom at the fag end of his bay almost four times a day to puke , thanks to morning sickness which refused to fade away even in his second trimester. Damn , not easy to bring a new life on earth he felt, every time he had to rush to the restroom but not run , had to be careful. So many small details which he had missed to notice when his sister was pregnant, which he might have missed to notice with Kamini if she had gotten pregnant, he was experiencing them and realising how challenging it was to carry a baby for nine months. As he hit the bed after early dinner and a glass of milk , he lay on his side hugging the pregnancy pillow. He could not turn around , nor could he lay on his back , he felt inconvenient. Legs cramping, he woke Kamini up screaming to tell her , may be it was time for delivery and he was getting labour pain - only for Kamini to burst out laughing. 

Are you alright? What pregnant? What happened Saurav, Sapna dekha kya. Who is pregnant. Who has pains. Relax , I am yet to do the home test . 

Saurav  sat up straight , took a deep breath , smiled and hugged Kamini tight , as he muttered " I love you"

P.S:This short story is on a comical note to bring about the fact that its hard for men to realise our physical and mental changes and stress associated with pregnancy  and it would only be possible for them to understand , if they live it . However, most of us are blessed that they try to understand our pain and extend support as much as possible. Kudos to supportive husbands who stand by us and try their best to understand. And to those men who do not understand , may God bless you with a dream just so you live in our shoes for a few moments if not more.


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