Time Management Tips for Working Moms
|   Jun 29, 2015
Time Management Tips for Working Moms

We all dream of a well organised personal and professional life but no one has mastered this art of juggling. Sharing our experiences and learning from each other can help us achieve this. Here are a few tips, which help me in managing time better:

  • Focus on your to-do list: Once you have your list ready, half the battle is won. You just need to avoid the distractions and focus only on your to-do list. Remember it has to be a practical to-do list and not your wish list. Prioritizing and focusing on your priorities plays an important role in time management.
  • Plan well in advance: The best way to have a stress free morning is to arrange everything you need next day, the night before. Whether it is the breakfast and lunch arrangements or ironing the clothes for next morning, everything has to be ready by the night before. It is always better to spend 40-50 minutes every night to get ready for the next day and have a stress-less morning.
  • Delegate: If you have thoughts like ‘No one can clean the house like me’ or ‘My husband can’t do the laundry the way I do’ you would neither be able to manage your time wisely ever nor be able take out some ‘me time’. Just let it be.You have other important issues to focus on. Get the whole family involved in organizing the home. Take help of your kids in the household chores. It won’t make you less of a ‘supermom’!
  • Learn to say no – To say no becomes a necessity at times and we all should learn to say ‘no’ in order to mange our time wisely and have a less stressful life. You should not hesitate to say no to your husband or kids when a particular task can be done by them saving some time for the important tasks to be done by you only. Also you should learn to say no at the workplace, when you already have your hands full. You can explain your boss or colleague how you are fully occupied with your own workload. If you have been a consistent deadline driven employee your boss will undoubtedly understand you.

Everyone in this world gets 24 hours a day and its all about being the most productive in those 24 hours. It involves setting your goals, identifying your priorities, taking right decisions at right time in order to stay happy and stress-free. I am still a learner trying to master this art. What do you do to manage your time wisely??

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