I am a Working Mother & I am Not Guilty..
|   Sep 23, 2016
I am a Working Mother & I am Not Guilty..

"Aww! I am sure, she misses you, when you are at work", they ask me. And that's it, my day is gone. I am set thinking again. Am I doing anything wrong with my 2 year old? Is this not expected out of me? How will she feel when she is grown up? I am sure most of us go through the similar feeling when we get back to work after maternity break and decide to take our careers forward. Since, that is also important. Isn't it?

I leave for the day to work, making sure that I am not seen by her. And she is kept busy by her grandparents catching up her rhymes and pikaboos. I ring her once during the day, sometimes she talks to me, tries to tell me what she has been doing and sometimes she is busy with her chores, keeping others busy.  I reach back home by the early evening and she is all excited, and that contentment, I would have never felt that much wanted, waited for...and that big "hiiiii", takes off entire load from shoulders. Trust me there might be physical tiredness but somewhere down the line there is a sense of gratification. It was a day well spent(most of the times ;)), I could be of some value add and why not I did what I like doing, I am working because I like working, love my work and isn't that enough and I am not guilty about it. I am working for my better future and for my daughter's and I am just not guilty about it.

"Am I doing anything wrong with my 2 year old". No I am not. I know she is in safe hands. I am a proud daughter of a working mother and I am sure even my daughter will be. 




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