Money or love
|   Feb 19, 2017
Money or love

It was Ria's marriage anniversary. I made a plan to surprise her with wedding gift. I reached her house at 4 evening with a thought to return within fifteen minutes so that she could get time to celebrate her anniversary with her hubby. 

'So what's your plan, Ria?' I asked.

  'Nothing new dear. I have to prepare meals for my kids and my hubby, help kids with their homework and make some preparation for morning breakfast. That's all for today...yaar!'

'Are you not going out for celebrating your anniversary?' I asked. 

'No...dear. I don't know when my husband would come from his office. So not made any plan.'  

This means your husband don't have time for you....right. 

'It's not like that. He is always there to help me out. He takes care of me.'  She added with tears in her eyes. She made an excuse and went to kitchen but I know she wanted to hide her tears. I followed her to kitchen and gave her a warm hug. She could not control her tears rolling down her cheeks. And she became so emotional that even I could not manage myself controlling my tears. When she got relaxed,  she told me her story....

As you know, my husband is very busy with his working life. He is always stuck in his files and work. He fulfill the needs of his kids and wife. But he never gets time for his wife's silly gossips. He has never appreciated me for my looks, for my work and even for the way I love him. Whenever I tried to impress him, he reminded me to focus on my work and kids. I always wanted to share my daily gossips, my feelings and the romance with him but he is so busy improving the wealth and status of family that he don't get time for these silly wishes...Yaar!

 I have yet not felt that love. I am not complaining this to you but I really want that feeling of being loved... where there is only love and nothing else. There is an emptiness in me. I have also tried to make myself busy in my works but in vain. I will wait for that love from him...!'

This is not the story of Ria only. This is the story of most of the couples, these days. Why are we making our love life so complicated? Why we cut time of love to make our earnings? Why we give so much importance to money? Please don't work like machines. Share your feelings with your partner. Give time to your relationships. Make time to celebrate your special days. Money should never be your priority. Spend time doing SILLY gossips with your life partner. This would help boosting your relationships.

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