Choosing between diapers or no diapers 
|   Mar 16, 2017
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Choosing between diapers or no diapers 

Just like other new mommies to be, even I was nervous, as to how will my pregnancy days go? Will I be able to take care of my babies or not? Read a no of pregnancy books, downloaded tonnes of apps related to the same. Attended pre natal classes. There are many things associated with motherhood. Sleepless nights, anxiety, being some of them, not to forget baby passing urine & stool, making babies skin prone to infections.

I was in a dilemma whether to choose cloth nappy or diapers for my babies. Had it not been for multiple babies, I would have certainly gone for cloth nappies & potty trained the baby quite early, but since we were blessed with multiple kids, it's truly a task to potty train both of them, one day they will sit on the potty seat but next day will start howling at the mere sight of the same.

Also the thought of the pile of dirty nappies made me all the more nervous.

So we decided to go in for the best brand of diapers, none other than the most popular amongst new age parents Pampers. 

After which we thought was the rash cream to be used. I used a petroleum jelly cream to do away with all the discomfort. 

I know all parents are different, so are there parenting styles along with different children. What works for one doesn't necessarily work for others, as well, but yes, we can surely take some tips from others, but Pampers has truly been a life saver for us, wherever we went. Even my hubby loves helping with babies chores, be it their brushing teeth, bathing, changing clothes & most importantly changing Pampers diapers.. 

Diapers like Pampers are surely a boon for new age parents, like us. Thank you, Pampers

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