Exitement of Mundan ceremony of my tweenies. . 
|   Mar 08, 2017
Exitement of Mundan ceremony of my tweenies. . 

Mundan ceremony, is considered to be a important ritual amongst Hindus, Sikhs & Muslims, alike. 

It is said that shaving / mundan is done to remove any bad deeds / evils of previous birth. It is mostly done when the baby is either 1 or  years of age. 

Muslims, shave / trim the baby 's hair& some Sikhs perform the kesi dahi / pouring curd in hair of newborn baby boy. 

While in  Hindus the mundane is performed during the first or third year of child's life. Some house holds o it only for boys while others have for both boys & girls. 

Their are many beliefs associated with the same. 

* Rids the baby of his past life negativity. 

* Bestows a long life & good fortunate. 

* Protects child from evil eye. 

* Cleanses child's soul & body. 

* Helps in keeping baby's head cool, especially in the hot months of summer. 

* Helps relieve headache & pains caused due to teething. 

& lastly

* Improves growth of baby's hair. 

Every family has its own tradition for performing the mundan. Some perform it at home, while others ask barber to come to their place after theit priest gives them an auspices time. Now a days, many choose to take their children to a salon or beauty parlour. Many salons offer special mundane haircuts. 

Similary, even we have this ritual when the baby is 1 year old. It is either at a religious place or in running water. My babies are going to be 2 very soon & so we had to do this, before they completed 1 yr. Went to Chintpurni Mata  ( HP). My Bil / Sil, along with their kids, my parents / sisters & me & hubby accompanied Mil for the same. 

My elder one couldn't stop crying all throughout the ceremony, while younger one was calm & quiet. 

As funny as it may sound, I was very excited for the mundan of my twinnes for a very simple reason that I wished to try  all the gharelu nuske on both of them, be it Curd, besan,  haldi, oil & everything one can think of. 

It's been around 2 days since we got the mundan done but it's raining cats & dogs since then & I haven't got the chance to apply anything, except for some Raw Milk. 

What precautions did you do when & after your kiddos mundan? 

Would love to hear. 

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