U r in my MIND
|   Mar 23, 2016
U r in my MIND

U r In my MIND”


It was the time since the day U were born and I took U in my arms..I felt U in me.. U became my priority. Even the world come after U..


It’s the time when my daughter was born. I thought and make sure to give the BEST to her as all the parents wish for their children .My world started revolving her, taking care even the smallest thing is perfect for her starting from her dresses to the diapers she wears, the water to be boiled and other small nitty-gritties. This became my priority   whereas everybody else took a back seat including my husband.

I thought nobody will take care of her as I do , I would prefer not to leave my daughter and go except the office .I wanted to spend as much time with her whatever I have. Then after few years she was born , the time came when the fights started between the family (my husband) and me over the small matters like going out for dinner , movie or being decked up as I was too much involved with my daughter.

But as they say “Time heals everything” ..my daughter started her play school and started involving with others too , I too started thinking to let her free. Then we also started getting time for each other and things became easier.


So, I realized I was too much involved with my daughter .Not like that we should leave our kids , we should care for the kids their needs but at the same time stop being possessive.

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