Parents- "Best Friends"..CAN WE,??
|   Jul 22, 2017
Parents- "Best Friends"..CAN WE,??

Under the shower of blessings, Under the Shower of experiences & advices of the elders, Under the Pampered atmosphere around Anubhavi , Finally She gives a birth to a baby boy. Anubhavi & her better half husband Sumit were very happy and all their families are feeling very proud as it's the happiest moment for them to be the Grandparents..Someone said.."Saari khushiyan ek taraf..Dada Dadi..Nana Nani banne ki khushi ek taraf" They named their son "Vishwas".

Time flies..Vishwas is growing up..From the play group till primary Vishwas Share every small things with his parents... They feel very happy to listen small small talks.Vishwas habitually share everything with his parents...Then Slowly slowly he is growing up and entering in teenage...One day in his friend circle one of his friend bring a cigarette very secretly from his dad's Pocket..And ask Vishwas to try once..He said "No..I feel it's wrong but I am not sure".His friend insist him again and again but he deny.

Asusual Vishwas has good habit of sharing every small thing with his parents so while having dinner with his family he shared this cigarette matter with his parents.Vishwas's father Sumit suddenly started shouting on him.."Vishwas..Stop the company with your such stupid friend circle..Next time don't entertain such stupid friends"Even his mother is also starring him with her angry eyes. Vishwas was very disappointed.He started thinking " I am wrong !!!!! But for what?? I have not indulge in my friends Cigeratte bad activity or I decide to share this matter with my parents habitually?? What's wrong?"

This is not only a single example, there are many more examples that are prevailing nowadays. And always parents comment "Humara baccha to zada hi bada ho gaya, Hume akar Kuch nahi batata"

But dear Parents Woh aya same like that Vishwas with an expectation that you will listen him and share your views and suggestions wisely like you are sharing up till now..But what actually happened.You react just opposite to his expectations so why he will come again??  These situations happens when your child is no more a kid he or she is a Teenager. Many questions, curiosity everything is an ongoing process in his mind. Please try to understand it dear parents.

In today's modern scenerio of rapid advancement in every phase of this world, Parents have lots of expectations with their children and most of parents wants to act and react according to their expectations blindly without testing and analyzing their Child's behaviour, interest, skills, capabilities. In the whole matter what is missing??  " Friendly Interaction" .  Today in our routine life, we daily read many horrible cases like a teenager committed suicide, Facebook affairs and murder, drug rackets, bad habits of smoking,and many many more. We parents are the roots of these serious matters because apka baccha to Hamesha ki tarah dinning table par apse sab share karne aya tha lekin apne hi usse data aur phir Woh kabhi batane nahi aya. As a result instead of sharing he decided to take the support of other things.

So dear parents please build a healthy friendly relationship with your child from the beginning itself so his or her habit of sharing with you will remain forever because I feel Parents se accha koi best friend kabhi nahi ho sakta.

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