From the Generation of Book Lovers..
|   Apr 11, 2017
From the Generation of Book Lovers..

Having invested  into a dozen of  books amounting to a couple of thousand Rupees each time scouting for the right genre - should it be a classic, a fiction, an adventure or a mystery that would entice my 11 year old son into the world of reading, I had almost given up on the idea, accepting his surrender to the overpowering technological advancements offered by Smartphones and laptops he remained glued to. As much as I tried containing my anxiety to discover what the 11 year olds of this generation liked to or loved to do, my exasperation burst into countless debates with my husband, each time accusing me of imposing my tastes on the poor little.I was slammed shut into silence when told neither the locales of Malgudi made any sense , nor the adventures of the then Famous Five appealed to this generation.To my wonder I saw a breakthrough coming in when my sister gifted him the first two books of this world famous series. "Harry Potter" it was ! For the first time I had seen him turn pages clasping to what seemed almost like a quarter of a book.For the first time I ignored him ignore the repeated breakfast calls, the lunch calls. As much as he was losing himself into the plot and the characters I soaked myself into a relief of having discovered a passtime that would keep him off the touchscreens. Locking the laptop ruefully in my closet I had the most peaceful afternoon nap over the years.Evening fell by and I found him still hooked to the book. I did not mind giving away my smartphone when he asked for a short break from reading. My routine chores kept me busy till I had served dinner on the table. There was no response to dinner calls either and when I chose not to ignore this time heading straight into his room, I found him dousing himself into the world of Harry potter, this time not with the book but to my utter horror - watching the downloaded version of Harry Potter on my smartphone. "The movie seems better than the book" came a flat comment and he went back to his movie. My triumphs over the the day came down like a pack of cards. Needless to say I have almost killed the idea of buying another book for him, let alone find cheesy ways of outsmarting the smartphone.

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