10 Important moments in my life when i missed not having my mom around with me anymore
|   Dec 22, 2015
10 Important moments in my life when i missed not having my mom around with me anymore
Of course, once you get older and become a mom yourself, you realise how important it is to have your mom around at every juncture in your life.  But if you lose her, you do tend to feel lost sometimes. With kids, work and other fulfilling activities life does go on. But on one such emotional day you just realise how much you just miss your Mom and a blog like this one comes out! 

These are 10 moments in my life when I really did miss having my mom around: 

1.When it was my 30th birthday and for the first time in my life, she forgot to wish me as  she was too sick to call me or remember  MY birthday even! 

2. When just after a few months of my birthday,  she passed away and I could not even reach in time to say my goodbyes.

3.  When I wanted to share my loss about losing my soul mate and grieve with her,  just like we did each time there was some loss in the family. 

4. When I had my miscarriage a couple of years later, right around her death anniversary. 

5. When I found out I was pregnant again  inspite of having the miscarriage!

6. When I delivered my second baby and the doctor told me it was a Girl! And I could not share the news with her that I have my own daughter no with whom I can finally look forward to share the same relation that we did. 

7. When  my brother ' the prodigal child'  finally got a great job and was leading a good life-  one thing she worried about constantly. 

8. At family weddings, when everyone was there laughing and smiling at all those funny family jokes family jokes but her.

9. During all summer vacations that my kids had till now, as now they have no 'Nani ka Ghar' to go to! 

10.But I missed her the most when I had my stroke and was lying in my hospital bed looking to hold her hand again.

Even though,  I had all my family and friends standing right next to me.
But as I am a mother now myself,  I clearly know the  reality that no-one can Ever REPLACE your Mother! 

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