How the Family Organiser App and Technology helped me survive a personal tragedy!
|   Oct 01, 2015
How the Family Organiser App and Technology helped me survive a personal tragedy!

I have always relied  on my smartphone for all reminders regarding the kids'schedules and activities.

It was 7 am on Monday morning. My alarm buzzed and I made a mental list of all the things to be done at the start of the week. I ran around as usual to make my son ready for school. Breakfast ready on the table. Tiffin packed. Just then,I closed my eyes to relax for a minute as everything was on time.
Suddenly, in a matter of minutes, my entire world came crashing  down. I opened my eyes to realise that my left hand was lying lifeless on  my stomach and I just could not move it! I tried to call all out to my husband but no words came out of my mouth.All that came out was a cry. Thanks to my alert 10-year-old, who sensed something was wrong with mama and he ran to wake up everyone at home. And everyone rushed to help and  took me to ER.It was a Stroke!
Of course, all mums are always tired and stressed out but nothing, in particular triggered, as I lay on my hospital bed, All I could think of were my kids, their school, their activities, homework assignments, field trips, books that had to be signed and sent back. Birthday parties for which I had confirmed, of course, their Granny took over.
That's when I received a mail from mycity4 kids about the FamilyOrganiser App and the Features of the app would be too overwhelming for her. My younger one who goes to pre-school, has a long list of activities every week.Also, every month, a mother makes a snack and sends for the entire class. If it does not go on time,  then the entire class would go hungry. I asked my husband to put a reminder for her regarding this and on that day the App reminded her and thankfully the snack reached the class on time.  All he had to do was just take her Android phone and download it for her. It  is very easy to use and download.
My husband created the family account and set it up for her. An easy to use App, even for my mother in law who is not very comfortable using high-end technology .The colour coded calendars are so easy for the eyes. Till the time I was back home from the hospital, all things we were going on in perfect tandem. All his assignments were completed and he never missed any of his classes and went for all his friends' birthday parties the App even reminded her that he had to carry his football gear with him, three times a week. His night out forms were filled and sent on time so he did not miss the deadlines.
People say that technology will help make lives easier for us but here, technology has helped me get back on my feet faster. It has helped me overcomes so--called crippling disease which threatened to throw my perfect and  organised life out of gear! It helped me to realise that I am normal and can do all the small tasks that earlier I didn't think twice  about doing. Truly, technology is a boon in this day and a must get for every Parent!
For now I am fighting with  the determination of a sports player preparing for a world Championship or the Olympics! A fight to get back to normalcy. A small word of advice, if you do any yoga or exercise, do continue doing so. It helps a lot if anything like this ever your life. Well taken care of and a healthy body can bounce back faster.If you take care of you body now, it will recover faster if any such situation arises ever. Of course writing about it helps me a lot and is very therapeutic and it keeps my  mind focussed.
Human spirit has immense capabilities. During any adversity, it gathers these hidden reserves of strength, that you never knew existed. For now I am grateful for all the immense blessings and the wonderful life that God has given me. Family, kids and health is all that matters in the end. Always see the positive in any situation. This will make me a better and stronger person.for sure.
This incident has helped me achieve #ParentingFromTheSamePage and brought us all closer As a family and also brought my husband and mother in law on the same page of parenting with  me. All thanks to the Family Organiser App>

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