|   May 07, 2015

I get totally blank when asked to express my emotions on Mother's Day! The day reminds me that I have no Mother to celebrate this day with. Noone for whom I could do something special...

These were my thoughts two years back, when on #Mother's Day I was pregnant with my second baby staying at my mom's place (technically not anymore, as she is no more - so Dad's place).

And my son who was 6 then, entered the room with a lovely card made by him which said what a wonderful mama I was to him. Oh! That's when I realised that Mother's Day is not about me grieving or being sad anymore - my child has his mother for whom he wanted to do something special. And that was ME!

A few months later my li'l angel was born - Yes, a GIRL! Now I was also blessed with my own daughter with whom I will share the same bond that I did with MY mom. That's when I realised that just one day is not enough to celebrate as #EverydayisMother'sDay!!

The selfless, caring and nurturing mother that I saw myself transforming into was how my mama was with me and my brother. The great milestones achieved by my son at every stage gave me immense joy but the most special ones were the small loving gestures he made to show how much he loved his mother.

Well, I must be doing something right again because now my younger one also runs to kiss me all the time and says 'I Love You' mama with so much enthusiasm!

So my new 'mantra' is to be a Happy Mommy for my two adorable 'toofans' each and every single day.  As they deserve a mother who is there for them at every step, who enjoys every occasion with them with a lot of zest, who is healthy and peaceful to be with them and for them.

Lastly, I want to be healthier, peaceful and well enough as I had seen my mother in her process to "do it all" - home, kids, husband, work, social life, fitness regimes and charity work. She burnt out herself so much that her body just gave up and she was affected with illness and ofcourse now she is no more.

So I pull back and turn off as soon as my body gives out warning signals that I might burn out. Its more important to be with my kids every day than enjoy a high powered job or a hectic social life. The days in the park, evening reading sessions and the pillow fights at night will never come back.

As I sip on my cuppa "green" tea and ponder my life as a mother. I can aptly sum it that "I am MY Mother now!"

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