Seriously?! Let's have some in fun in Life!!
|   Mar 17, 2015
 Seriously?! Let's have some in fun in Life!!


Turn on the news channels, social media or even read the good old newspapers - all of these are simply filled with serious and terrible news. Then, there's the stress of homework and exams that we and our kids face. Onto battling epidemic flus spreading in our cities. From saving our environment, earth and nature; to dealing with stress in our day to day lives. 


Well, it  surely does seem like we have become quite SERIOUS!


In our daily struggle to tackle all these serious issues, are we forgetting to enjoy the simple pleasures of life? And just LAUGH - the unrestrained laughter where you enjoy, only that moment and nothing else. The rush of happiness just makes everything around you so much more beautiful and FUN!


How do you find this Happiness and Fun, you ask?


I went in search after you

I looked for you in every place


First I thought  I could buy you from the stores

Then it seemed I need to be popular to achieve you


I seek you in foreign lands

And in fancy restaurants and hotels


Sometimes I found you for a while in the company of my loved ones

In a  twinkle of the eyes of my babies


One day, as I turned to the mirror, There you were, on my FACE


Why was I running around strange places and crowded groups

When "I" alone can get you  


All I have to say -

"I have the power to be HAPPY"




Yes the "secret" to being happy is inside of us! As soon as you wake up in the morning just say to yourself, " I choose to be happy today!" Just see how your day turns out to be. And if it doesn't, then do try it again the next day too.


I did, and it surely worked.


-Now when my 2 year old stubbornly refuses to eat, instead of getting hassled I laugh at her cute answer, "Please NO Mama!" Then I try after sometime and she enjoys the same very meal.


-When my 9 year old doesn't want to study any longer even though he has an exam the next day. I tell him let's take a break and play his favourite board game for a while. And he's refreshed to start again.


-The times when the kids refuse to sleep early on a school night. Well I let them jump on the bed, laugh and joke and just have some sibling fun. Voila, they are soon tired and off to sleep in no time.


-How about a spontaneous jig with your little dancers as the favourite number plays on? Yes, forget about everything and just join them. Shake a leg without bothering how you do it and how you look. What fun!


-Fight for the last piece of chocolate and then surprise the kids with two whole new bars  and see the happiness that ensues.


It is the small things in our lives that can bring back the happiness to our SERIOUS lives. So let's just try to take each moment with a pinch of salt while we enjoy this beautiful thing called LIFE!!  

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