The Mind's ON when it's Hands-ON
|   Jul 21, 2015
The Mind's ON when it's Hands-ON

I hear and I forget

I see and I remember

I do and I understand

- Chinese Proverb

 Do you remember the times when we would sit passively in class and listen to a long lecture on a science topic, just wishing for the bell to ring? But the thought of a practical session in the Science Labs would make us feel so excited and charged. 

That is what hands-on learning is all about! Children of all age groups learn best by engaging in hands-on activities that encourage them to experience the world around them through their senses.

How to encourage hands-on playing?

Research has shown that people remember things better when they learn them by doing. This is even true for adults. Here is an example - let's say you want to learn how to play cricket. 

How will you learn to play?

Will you:

1. Buy a book and read about how to play cricket.

2. Watch a video about cricket or a match on TV.

3. Ask a friend who plays to grab a ball, bat, and glove and teach you.

 Choice 3 is the best way for most people because they actually get to try the game and learn the rules as they play. This way you can learn it hands-on. The child is actively involved instead of just sitting and listening. In order to learn best, children must be actively involved in hands-on activities every day. 

 Which hands-on activities can you try at home?

Some good examples of hands-on activities are: 

-working puzzles,

-making collages,


-measuring ingredients for you as you cook, 

-counting out napkins to set the table,

-playing simple board games together, 

-sorting silverware into piles of forks, knives, and spoons, 

-looking at books, 

-buttoning, zipping, and tying.

 Introduce your kids to the world of hands-on learning right at home

If you are wondering how to introduce your kids to a hands-on learning experience. Then try ordering some theme based and innovative products developed especially for children and easily available for you to order. These are designed by experts and come ready with all that you need for a hands-on learning experience. It will also save you a lot of time.

A popular example is the WonderBoxx that provides an age-specific, hands-on learning monthly subscription box.Each box has 7-8 components – which may include toys, DIY activities, games, books, encyclopaedias and a parent newsletter.

WonderBoxx provides the child with theme-specific play, learning tools and ideas that encourage exploration. Children learn best when they want to learn and when one opens this box of ‘wonders’ a child would want to explore all the surprises it contains. In doing so they get to learn a wide spectrum of experiences and garner many skills with it.

 How animals help the toddlers to explore and learn?

Toddlers are just starting to become really interested in what’s happening in the world around them and a theme like the 'animals' really helps in the learning process. 

 Learning about animals, helps them to explore :

-One-on-one interaction with the child

-Self-awareness (social and emotional), 

-Initiating enquiry 

-Sorting (math/logic) 

- Language development (sounds, expressions, and vocabulary) 

For the toddlers (1 - 3 years) the theme this month is Amazing Animals as they find animals to be most fascinating. One of the first few words they usually say are moo moo and baa baa. They grow up noticing animals all around them and love mimicking them. So this month’s WonderBoxx will help the kids discover the world of animals and learn from them. 

The innovative product mix of activities, toys, games and role-playing tools will ensure exposure to Animal Homes, Habitats, Sounds, Actions and Families.Through this 'box', kids will get to discover the world of animals and learn from them.  These include - introduction to animals, their habitats and their behaviour, building awareness and care for living creatures and the environment and strengthening memory, visual skills and concentration. 

You will be surprised at how much your child can do and how fast they can learn.

So don't tell your child to their keep their 'hands off' as it is 'hands - on' all the way!! 

Click here to learn more about the “Amazing Animals” themed Wonderboxx.

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