It could have been your girl
|   Jul 22, 2014
It could have been your girl

It could have been your girl

Or mine.

Thank god , she is safe… Today.

With schools joining the list of cinema halls , hospitals , public transport , apartment complex and possibly every other piece of land , air and water available, and we going through the whole nine yards , of news debates , the candle vigil , dinner table discussions
et al. the cynic in me tells me we shall all ‘bounce back’ sooner than before and tomorrow we shall be back discussing homework , tests , extra classes , peer pressure and the woks.

To me , that’s where the problem is. And that is also where the solution lies. Choose wisely
Choose methodology of education and fundamentals of the school over board results and
brand , while deciding the school for your child
Choose ‘discussing the day’ over discussing classwork with your kids.
Choose ‘listening’ over ‘talking’ with your child
Choose standing by her over silencing her (or him!)
Choose education over qualification
Choose teaching your boys about ‘consent’ than teaching your girls about safety
If we stop our focus on the wrong things , we will give the right things a chance to catch up
and then , only then, hopefully we wont need a rape of a 6 year old to shake us up of our

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