Push Yourself Forward TO Educate# C-SECorNOT
|   Jun 04, 2017
Push Yourself Forward TO Educate# C-SECorNOT

The moment my child was born, the mother in me was also born,who previously was just a woman. I was a brand new mother, absolutely new for myself.The delivery was normal. And the best part is I got to be the mother of a beautiful angel- my daughter. She happened to be just 2.4 kgs since she arrived 25 days before my due date, but that is normal because around 30-40% children are born before the due date, so she was going to be fine in a couple of months. Every pregnancy ends with a child birth, but we all mothers go through different difficult phases, the ups and downs, and we all have some or the other things to share - Share To Aware, with the new mums or would be mums.

Guys, I am a mum of a 20 months old daughter - JAAGRISHA.  She happens to be my world now. Before I could confirm about my pregnancy my MIL knew it..u must be wondering how, now that's exciting 😂..she used to keep a watch at my dates also that she saw me suffering an adverse smell from food items. I would request  her to manage the kitchen as every fresh food would stink like hell wether it be rice or dal, roti, milk was worst amongst, not to forget  fresh coriander  leaves.. which I have gradually developed a hatred for. Being a mother she herself created an understanding for the do's and don't s when I conceived. My MIL who was very strict with me earlier now would treat me with much care and affection. I started liking her from then😋.

After a couple of months I shiftedDelhi along with my husband. The first thing I did was I went for the ultrasound after trimester to ensure if everything was good with the baby and me, also if something was to be taken care of. I had no friend in Delhi and for every petty issue I had no option but to rush to my husband. Soon my husband introduced one of his friend to me to whom a baby girl was born a few days back. She referred her gynac to me ( what I need the most this time),actually I badly needed someone to answer my questions , to sort my query. The pregnancy time is not sorted. The mind of a woman is preoccupied with so many things., For example Am I eating healthy?what should be the diet intake? Which position is good to sleep? What exercises are to be done? And the are endless number of questions. I got my ultrasound done, the doctor showed us our baby and said that the growth is good and normal. She made me a diet chart to be followed in the next 5 months according to my preferences. I discussed my fears during pregnancy to that she replied that giving birth to a baby is a very natural process. She asked me to focus over baby and self, rest all is in vain and to enjoy this very phase which I was in. 

Gradually, over a period of time, I noticed some physical changes in my body, and they were- 

  1. swollen, tender gums that bleeded while brushing not always but sometimes, that was not at all normal. Do it
  2. A dark line over my baby bump running down from center.
  3. A minor pain I could feel down the chest which which was directly proportionate to the growth of my baby.
I discussed this with the doctor, she told me swollen gums are very normal in pregnancy, it will automatically subside after the delivery, and the dark line too will be invisible. And as far as the chest pain is concerned that would only go after I have my meals on time. She suggested me to have the small meals at every two hours. Avoid the intake of fizzy drinks and add more of yogurt, lessen the intake of oily and spicy food items, this however helped me but not entirely the problem was gone.

A few days later, at the start was my third trimester, my gynac asked me to get the ultrasound done to check baby's growth, the report scared us because we were told that the baby's​ kidney is swollen, one 3D ultrasound was recommended to monitor the enlarged kidney of my baby by a specialist, and it came to be 0.50 cm, which was normal, the doctor also told about double loose loop of cord overlying dorsum neck which again was kind of normal case. I took a sigh of relief after hearing my pregnancy to be normal.

My husband used to tell me his small, cute, and beautiful plans he had about the baby. Both of us used to talk to the baby. I discovered a totally new side of his. He was more excited than me or anyone. He didn't want to compromise on anything for our baby. After my husband would leave for the office I used to listen to garbh sanskar, and would finish my household chores as I opted for no domestic help. Managing your home by self is good this time because you don't get time to get bore also in a way your exercise is done, both my mom and my MIL suggested this and they both had normal deliveries so I was up for it. 

Soon my eighth month was about to get over, but with it my chest pain started I increasing with every passing day. A week later I was admitted to the hospital because the pain was unbearable. I thought​ I would get discharged as there was much time left for the baby's arrival.My MIL and my husband asked the doctor about the well-being of baby and the mother, the doctor told them that labour will be followed by this very pain in the next few hours and that she will go home with the baby😇. I was admitted on 23rd September early morning and my labour started the same night, I was happy, but labour was painful, it kept increasing. I had a severe lower backache, regular contractions initially 1-2 minutes long but later it increased to 4-5 minutes. I was loosing my senses every now and then. I was hungry and asked for food but he sister denied and replied that you cannot have food, as it can cause complications in your last stage, have this cup of soup and relax, it's just a matter of a few hours more. I had no idea how to react, there was anger, pain, happiness, kind of contentment, frustration. And adding on to this doctor who was not my regular gynac, came for a regular check up, who thereafter told me that we need to operate you tomorrow because I can feel baby's head seems to down..like really?..This was too scary, because I was expecting normal delivery. Still moving on, the same night an ultrasound was done to ensure the things, and fortunately things were at the right place. Night had ended and a bright sunny day had begun, Finally, after a journey of 8months and a few days, the season finale had come. I was going to welcome by baby. I was happy but in pain. My doctor​ came in the morning to check my status but according to her I was in initial labour. My cervix was not properly dilated, moreover my waters did not break yet. This is the time when a woman is completely under stress and keep anticipaing what next. The doctor paid another visit in my room after 3 hours, my waters broke and doctor​ asked the sister to induce pain since I was not in real labour. Tuf time it was, the pain kept increasing.. I had to baee it. I would scream, shout; my brother, my MIL and my husband, all three were frightened watching this. My MIL walked to the doctor and requested​ her to help me..to that doctor asked my MIL didn't you bear the labour!..This is not going to last longer, keep calm. I loved my MIL for this gesture. She couldn't see me in pain..this was very rare but it happened to me, I was satisfied but feelings were not the same for my husband, I would call him  requesting the nurses there and ask him to tell the doctor to operate.. I said I would die for certain if you left me in pain but to my surprise or shock, actually shock, he would ask me to be patient and to remain strengthen with all my inner strength for our baby. He sounded logical, but the pain was much higher than any logic. He said things are normal so will be the delivery, it's a matter of a few hours..and requested​ me for not loosing hope. The doctor came to check me for the 6th time form morning, and this time she asked sisters to shift me to the labour room.. I just cannot express it, how it felt, I was happy because time to see by baby was around, it was going to be a normal delivery as all of us were expecting, and the pain would finally vanish after a while....wait, I was scared too,... reason was again pain.. because it takes high amount of courage and strength to push the baby. No worries I will win the battle... I convinced myself while going to the labour room. I recall all good thoughts and I was automatically filled with positivity.. I was not screaming..only observing how the child enters into the world. In the next few minutes I was in labour room with lights on all around and doctors ready with their gloves and equipments. The pain was at it's peak, I was asked to give it a push, but I was not able to do it in the right manner, again I tried but didn't work, but the doctos could not wait, they started pushing with their elbow, the baby would be out at any moment, the doctor asked to give my best, things could go wrong any moment. I finally regained all my energy and put all my strength to push the baby..and it worked. I could see baby's head, the doctor asked for one more final push, and so I did; and guess what!.my baby was right in front of me..the doctor greeted me on giving birth to a girl child..a beautiful life I had and I was a mum now..when I heard her cry, I couldn't believe that this blessing of the entire universe belonged to me now. This was my girl. We had our first click in the labour room. She was like a beautiful bud, I held her close to me, the time had stopped for us. The baby was taken by the doctor as to be kept in incubator for a day as it was a premature delivery. Next day we came home with a new family member 😍.

For the expecting mothers I would suggest to take time but to find a gynac who has patience to listen your fear and worries and who can guide you in a positive way throughout your pregnancy.

Having faith in oneself is required as soul in the body. Speak your mind and keep searching for your questions to be answered. Educating self and the family is always beneficial.

C-SECTION is not recommend under normal conditions, there is a lot of struggle for the mothers but do not give up... struggling always pays off 😀. Normal delivery offers early recovery of the mothers body and there are no problems post delivery. The body retains it's shape in following months. Eat healthy, drink healthy and don't do or go for anything not appealing to your conscience. Use your mind to overcome difficult situations, do not go for blind Faith, there is so much to educate these days. Be active,both mentally and physically.


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