Toddler Management...What I Really Do!!!
|   Mar 22, 2016
Toddler Management...What I Really Do!!!

Parenting is a subject that I have never touched in my life when it comes to writing. Might be because after being a mother I never got time to sit and type about what I really think about it. Today I have some spare time and I have a bad feel about scolding my baby for a silly thing, which I could have avoided...But sometimes, you know, we tend to forget that they are so small and new to everything that we have introduced to them...

I am short tempered when it comes to people who are close to me and as obviously my son being the most suitable person with that criteria, I really get all fumed up when he do something against my 'plan of action'.. Thanks to all the people who are super cool around me, I can rarely show that to him. It will seriously affect my image as the dotting mom and next time he gets angry to anyone, I am sure to get a glance saying " Ha, this is exactly what you do" :D

I don't know about others, after being a mom, I read tons of articles regarding anger management!!! And I still read all that comes across me regarding parenting...I really wanted to be the best mom ever..he he..Who doesn’t?

So I thought I will write something that made me feel really good of doing as a parent...So this is what I exactly tried and I think it works… :DExpress your love (As I am kind of expressive person and being pretty good at it, it is easy for me :p)Appreciate them for all the little things they do. For them it is big!!! :)Talk to them as much as you could (Believe me, no books can be that funny and creative)When they try to talk to you, even if it is something silly and you are busy with something very important, listen to them, and give them a reply.If you want to avoid them, don’t tell to go away or that you are busy...Give them some task that will occupy them or ask them to sit with someone who is equally dear... or if nobody is there, nothing wrong in letting them watch their cartoon for sometime while you finish your work..Don't simply avoid them and let them play alone.Don't express anger by shouting or hitting (Sometimes I forget but still I try to control it to the max. When you are angry and want to scold them for some wrong thing which you don’t want them to repeat, simply stare at them for some time and walk away...I strongly believe it works 1000% better than shouting. When we shout, they just don't understand what we speak, they simply get scared, then sad and then they might feel we don't love them...(I tend to shout only when I am in a hurry and really short of time to stare and walk away you walk away they will come to you or sit silent. Then after some time when they try to patch up with you, tell them you felt bad and being mom's dear don't repeat it. At first, it is difficult but if you practices it for few days you will definitely see a huge difference.Don’t let them watch violent natured movies or ads or cartoons. They are not ripe enough to understand what is right or wrong. When they find that their parents are keenly watching that kind of actions, they try to imitate it. It is simply because they will take it as something good.And, I personally think it is better to grow children as intolerant to violence rather than making them feeling violence as a part of life. I got a real feel of the extent of tolerance the kids have towards violence when I went to watch the movie - Bahubali, which is an epic movie. While I was literally keeping my eyes closed to avoid so many scenes, I found that the 7/8 year kid who was sitting next to me watched all that violence without blinking his eyes. And to be very frank it scared me. I like when kids (adults too) get upset seeing violence. That's what we have to teach them. Not to be strong enough to sit and watch a person being beheaded. They should be strong enough to feel bad and express that they are upset seeing all this.Okyz that for today...I started to write something nice and ended up saying something that always disturbed me. After being a mother, I am nowadays too sensitive..


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