My time please!!
|   Dec 09, 2016
My time please!!

10 things we must do daily for ourselves.

Yes that's the most ignored person by us. We can wake up in the middle of night n make dinner for our little one but putting lotion on feet before going to sleep is the hardest task. We can cook for 20 people coming home for dinner but cooking little pasta would take a lot of time. Just little things but they do mean a lot as it's just my time.

My time is the most essential in a woman's life as it gives you the opportunity to know yourself better to gear up for the next day without a fuss and to be contended with yourself . So do take out time for my time.

1. Listen to music : it not only soothens you but also relaxes the mind.

2. Sing a song to yourself : alright you don't have the voice like Shreya Ghoshal but you do have an amazing voice just try to sing to yourself and you will fall in love with this singer.

3. Read a book : be it any book mills and boon do raise my spirit ..

4. Pursue a hobby : do whatever you feel like draw, paint, sew, knit, gardening, cooking any thing your heart desires.

5. Talk to yourself : it gives you the solution of some of the biggest problems in the world. I personally feel when something goes wrong we do know the solution it's just a matter of time we accept it and when we sit in silence we get the answer.

6. Smile : any time of the day just smile without a reason just smile and you will surely feel good about it.

7. Appreciate yourself : believe it or not but are doing a great job. You are perfect and the best person .

8. Go for a spa: it will be the best thing you do for yourself. The relaxation will surely endure your senses.

9. Shop : every month buy that one thing which makes you happy and would include out of budget shopping. So ladies it's time to make extra budget for out of budget shopping.

10. Get a good night sleep : sleep without worrying about what's gonna happen next. What has to happen will happen so don't stress yourself with it have faith and all will be well so sleep well.

It doesn't matter if you take out 15 mins or half hour or a day it just has to be for you and believe me it will make a lot of difference in your life.

Trust yourself,

Appreciate yourself ,

Love yourself,

Adore yourself,

And most of believe in yourself.....

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