You are precious!!
|   Dec 17, 2016
You are precious!!

Take care of yourself as you are precious .

Never did a moment pass when I didn't think of my daughter. The worry never ends when i think of what will happen as she grows up, how will she cope up, will she be able to fight for her rights and the list goes on.... but then one day my mother held my hand and said "dear please take care of yourself as you are precious ....."

Worrying comes naturally to a mother. my daughter is just 3 years old and I feel at times I want answers for a lifetime. Going through a divorce and tough times I got scared of a lot things. One thing I could not believe was that how can a father leave his own daughter and If he can then how can I rely on anyone else?

This thought not only took a toll over my life but also my relation with my daughter. It became a cause of worry for my parents and in short it stressed all of us out. Till one day my parents shook me. They said you mean the world to us understand this

"it doesn't matter how badly you were treated but it does matter how badly you treat yourself!!"

God has been kind and I realised why am I loosing on what I have thinking of what I don't have? Why don't I cherish each blissful moment with my loved ones? And why am I loosing myself in the fear of world around?

The day I realised that I have already wasted quiet a lot of time of my life on mending broken pieces most of which were lost I decided to treasure what I had!!

Things were hard decisions tough but life found a way.

We often think kids are small they do not understand anything but they do one little instance where I understood this was when each night my daughter slept in my arms silently she didn't fuss nor say anything but slept I would cry mostly after it and feel it's okay as long as you don't cry in front of your child but when I Started feeling happy from inside that was time she stopped sleeping immediately

She would laugh, play, sing a rhyme jump around and then sleep. I came to know how hard it must have been for her as well for she is the most precious to me!!

Our stress stresses out our little ones as well and our joy doubles their happiness. These years are the formative years of a child and it's our duty as well to ensure that they have all the wonderful memories so when they grow up they see

the good side of world they feel the love around them ,they cherish their blessings and make this world a better place.

Love yourself, forgive yourself and trust yourself. You have potential you are not even

Aware of just discover it within you and have faith as he who made this universe is all around you.

When you are hurt you are the only one who knows the depth of the pain then why increase it for you are precious!

When a child is born he trusts only his mothers touch it comforts him, soothes him and nourishes him so you are precious!

Yes things will still go but the almighty blessed you with a power most unique for you are precious!

Keep your faith strong,

The way is tough and


Wipe off your tears,

Remove your fears.

Forget what went wrong

Find the place where you Belong

For your are precious...

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