A special Diwali with the less privileged
|   Oct 28, 2016
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A special Diwali with the less privileged

Diwali is one of the most auspicious occasions of our nation. The positive vibes of happiness flows everywhere during this festival.  When I was in my teens, I used to celebrate Diwali just like any other teenager girl by wearing new cloths, enjoying crackers, eating almost all sweets of my home (neighbor’s sweets as well) etc. I used to enjoy a lot.

Even after wedding I continued to do the same (with some additional household chores and eating least sweets). I live in Mumbai and my in laws stay at a distant place, so every year we have to travel to our in-laws place. Three years back when we were expecting our first child and my gynecologist did not allow me to travel; we decided to celebrate diwali in Mumbai only (no choice left). That year I saw everyone was enjoying except our watchman. I asked him the matter and he told me that he also belongs to a distant place and couldn’t travel because of travel expenses. His eyes were almost filled with tears. It was obvious that he was missing his children badly.

 It pinched my heart, I was enjoying with my family and I could see him getting disappointed. I felt that on side hand I was privileged with a lot of facilities to enjoy with my family and on the other hand people were there who can only think of this. It’s so ironical. A thought came to my mind and I discussed the same with my husband. Next day we bought some sweets, new cloths, crackers and some snacks. We asked all our watchmen to gather at our place and distributed the things among them. Obviously that could not equalize the feeling of being with their family members but yes it was enough to bring smile on their faces.

The feeling of watching them enjoying and smiling was incredible and non explainable. Since then we have started a new tradition for diwali. Every diwali we bring some new cloths (no matter cheap), sweets, crackers, snacks etc. After our regular puja we invite our watchmen and distribute the gifts among them. We also spend a little time with them. Sometimes we arrange dinner for them at least for the eve of diwali. Whatever yummy I cook at home (with Sunny International Lite oil), I share it with them and it gives me immense pleasure. This is my special and powerful way to celebrate diwali.

Believe me it is the best ever feeling to bring smile on a sad person’s face. We felt it that day only and we made it a tradition especially for diwali.

I request you all to think something for those who are less privileged; they may be your watchmen, the maid’s family or any other whom you consider. But please do something to make them happy as well; they do deserve to celebrate the festivals just like us.

Thus festival manao #Sahi Khilao Future Banao# 

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