Evolution of parenthood and need of parents
|   Oct 25, 2016
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Evolution of parenthood and need of parents

I clearly remember that when I was a kid, my mother was the sole person responsible for each and every possible household work, from cooking to cleaning, from knitting to stitching every little work was to be done by her only. Even in case of sickness, she used to be very calm; instead she used to give us all the different home remedies (at least for all small ailments) which were actually effective.

Her only source of guidance was my dadi, nani or old women of our territory. With this single help she was able to manage me with my two other siblings.

Well if I compare it with myself, I am nowhere equal to her, and actually the two situations can’t be compared. We are living in a different world where sources of human guidance are less (at least less than Mr. Google). I can say this with my personal experience. When my daughter was born (who was born 15 days earlier than the expected time) me and my husband were alone in the town. I can’t ever forget how badly we were in need of help that time. But on a positive note being a net savvy person, my husband was engaged in various parenting forums & on- line stuff since the initial days of my pregnancy. It actually helped us both as he already knew the various baby and mother care stuff. He was quiet well aware about the initial care of baby and mother that could be required during and post hospitalization. Although no practical exposure we had but honestly Mr Google helped us lot.

The point here is easy availability and accessibility of internet as well as lack of social life like ancient ages.

Well I almost forgot the initial days of my daughter’s birth and my hospital experience, moreover I was so sure that all parenting stories and experiences are different from each other. But when I heard the similar experience of a few pretty Moms, The past almost thrilled me as real once again.

The occasion was the launch of J&J’s you tube channel  and the event was organized by Johnson & Johnson,  well known celebrity moms were called for sharing their experiences. The title was “best for baby”. To our surprise former Miss India, Miss World Lara Dutta was also invited as panelist. She addresses the evolution of parenthood with the change of time. It left me dumbfounded when she shared with us that how even celebrities like her have to be involved in various groups related to mothers and babies. I could so relate to her when she revealed that even she is an active member of a WhatsApp group of all the moms of her friend circle and they discuss just about parenting. We also came to know the perspective of a new dad and his parenting troubles when Mr Prashant (Founder of mycity4kids) shared his parenting experiences.

Each panelist discussed the perspective of parenthood and need of more guidance to new parents based on personal experience. They all concluded that nowadays we have a huge population of common people using internet as a guiding expert for all their troubles including parenting. Websites and contents in hundreds and thousands are available that are easily accessible too. But need of the hour is an authentic source which we can rely on, which is based on day to day experiences of real parents. So such should be a platform where we could relate ourselves to real life situations and not to a fiction; in short “an authentic online source which we can trust even with closed eyes” is all we need.

All the guests including mothers were pampered with a precious gift hamper and lots of wow photo moments. The event was a big hit and I could relate to almost each parenting story of the discussion panel. I enjoyed it to the fullest and rejuvenated the period of two years of parenting with my daughter.






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