How to keep your kid fit & healthy this monsoon
|   Aug 04, 2016
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How to keep your kid fit & healthy this monsoon

After scorching heat of summer, the rains of monsoon are welcomed by us all. At the same time it adds to our fear of keeping our little munchkins healthy during this phase. Almost every kid becomes fussy during shifts in weather. Also this is a time when children are more prone to suffer from low immunity and are therefore susceptible to various diseases like common cold, diarrhea, loose motions, viral fever, malaria, skin allergies etc. So the question is how to save our kids during monsoon?

Although we all have a basic idea of the causes of these diseases( especially in kids )as well as the preventive measures; still there are some modifications in our lifestyle including diet, which could be of great help in both prevention & recovery of illness. So some small yet important points to keep in mind to ensure our kids health during monsoon are-

Food Hygiene- We must take care of hygiene of all food items cooked and uncooked.

ü Wash all the fruits & vegetables (especially green leafy ones) thoroughly at least twice before cooking, as this is a season when worms and dirt are most likely to affect vegetables

ü Even after cooking keep the lid of utensil on, so as to prevent air borne infection

ü Choose seasonal fruits over frozen ones

ü Always provide your kid well cooked food and that too in warm condition. This is to prevent any food poisoning

ü Check before serving- One must ensure that the food is free from any offensive and strange odors. The color of food also gives a fair idea of any contamination.

ü Double check before serving sea food as it is one of the major sources of food poisoning

ü Take special care when purchasing breads, as dampness favors fungus & molds(the greenish growth over bread surfaces)

Cooking Tips-

ü We must ensure that each food item is well cooked and not at all raw in any form(unless it is the recommended serving)

ü All condiments should be checked, as with increased humidity in air condiments tend to get affected with fungus(most commonly)

ü Just check your cooking style. We should choose that form which is easy to digest by the tender stomach, for example deep fried food is a big no during monsoon.

ü Always choose healthy and light cooking oil which is well tolerated in kids like sunny international lite oil. Incorporate the same in moderate quantity in various dishes

ü Use innovative ideas to incorporate vegetables in their daily diet. You can add beans, tomatoes, peas etc as pizza toppings, in upma, dosa etc.

ü Use Indian traditional condiments (like turmeric, clove, black pepper etc)

ü Give traditional spices like garlic, onion etc, they adds to immunity


Dos and don’ts of food-

ü Do include citrus fruits in their diet as it helps to built immunity

ü Do give variety and color of various food items, it not only attracts them but adds nutrients too

ü Include dry fruits in their diet; these are densely packed with energy as well as nutrients. You can shallow fry them in your choice of cooking oil (like Sunny international lite oil) and offer them to kids to munch

ü Give only home based fresh food

ü Never offer food that is reheated too many times

ü Never overload the dishes with Ghee & oils; it will only burden their tiny digestive system

ü Don’t offer roadside spiced up food like chaat, pakode etc. It can lead to infection

ü It’s better to avoid fruit juices (at least one that is not expressed at home)

ü Avoid fruits that are cut beforehand

ü Avoid (or give in moderation )ice creams and frozen food


It’s not only food that you should check but also check your home for source of infection like-

ü Fungus is likely to develop over wooden surfaces so better to check the wooden utensils before using them

ü Keep corners clean as these are the favorite sites of infective agents like cockroaches, spiders, flies etc

ü Check your washrooms as dampness is favorable for most of infection causing germs

ü Make habit of washing hands especially before and after meals and nature calls. Also build the same habit in kids too

ü Using disinfectants over kitchen surfaces and over floors while mopping is a good and easy way to prevent infection

ü If child has fallen sick then avoid sending him to school and seek necessary medical advice.

So keep the above things in mind and make this monsoon a happy and healthy monsoon.

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