I hate you ‘The Woman in Me’
|   Mar 02, 2016
I hate you  ‘The Woman in Me’

My life would be so peaceful if ‘THE WOMAN IN ME’ would not exist; she is there whenever peace (satire) is coming to me.

Girl , Wife, mother (and so on); you name it and 'she' is there to spoil the peace.



A girl versus the ‘The Woman in Me’

I first felt 'her' existence when a person (who was chosen to be my life partner) asked me to follow his footsteps forever in life; it was his expectation from his life partner. He was perfect in each aspect; money, house, job, handsome looks etc. Our families were also willing to tie the knot. Well I could have said yes but then 'she' raised her voice, opposed everyone in both the families and announced that 'she' would not marry the guy. Had 'she' not been raised her voice that day I would have not faced any opposition.


Wife versus the ‘The Woman in Me’

The wife says never oppose or argue with your partner because this is the key to get peace in one’s marital life but as I told you 'she' exists. 'She' always makes an entry to such a situation and spoils the peace, 'she' starts to not only argue but sometimes takes strong and firm stand. It could be financial matters, emotional or social matters; she is always there to poke her nose. Because of her a wife often disagrees with her husband and even fights for whatever 'she' feels about the matter.


Mother versus ‘The Woman in Me’

The mother is so laborious, full of patience, unconditional, balanced, sacrificing and above all ready to adjust in each and every situation BUT as I told you this 'she' is totally different. 'She' accepts her tiredness and frustration and craves for some ‘me’ time for her. 'She' even put some motherly chores secondary for her own happiness. For example 'she' is the one who visits beauty parlor once a month leaving her kid with the father (whom the mother never relies for her kids); 'she' even offers outside food to her kids just to take rest of the cooking chores. I don’t know how but yes the ‘The Woman in Me’ often overpowers the mother and again destroys the peace. 'she' makes the mother feel guilty at times.


Daughter/ daughter in law versus ‘The Woman in Me’

The daughter (and the daughter in law) is always ready and happy to follow the parents (and in laws) whatever the cost is; let it be parenting, let it be partnership with the hubby or any social issue. The daughter (in law) never raises her voice but 'she' is totally different. 'She' is the one who observe fasts for her little girl (which is against the traditions as fasts are meant for the boys only). 'She' sets the boundaries for others (parents, in laws and anyone else) especially in her life related issues. 'She' takes responsibility if anyone gets annoyed with her such behavior. Again 'she' destroys the peace.


Me versus ‘The Woman in Me’

'She' is the one who is never allowing me to live my life in an ordinary way.  Because of her I am the one who craves to do different things and often succeeds in the same. 'She' is the ‘The Woman in Me’ who

-Rides bikes; from pulsar to En-field, from bicycle to scooter.

-possess unique hobbies like roller skating, swimming, parasailing etc.

-not having interest to cook but to eat.

-wake up late with proud when I am out of sleep.

-love to take selfies and do all the crazy stuff.

-ask others for help as it’s not her sole responsibility to take care of everything related to her family.

-always raise voice if she is not being respected anywhere in any form.

The list is too long.

Well  The ‘The Woman In Me’ is never allowing me to live peacefully, she always pushes me to learn, to do different, to feel proud about myself, to work harder and harder, to nurture myself, to fight for my right and above all to make me feel so me.

I hate her as it requires so much energy, self esteem, efforts and motivation to be what she desires from me. This is my eternal fight with myself to be a better person in life. Without any doubts the credit goes to her the ‘The Woman in Me’.


'She' is the ‘The Woman in Me’ and I hate her (a big laugh)


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