My 13 yr old coaxes me to Let Her Dream Come True
|   Aug 15, 2015
My 13 yr old coaxes me to Let Her Dream Come True

I was raised in a middle class family with 2 siblings and limited income. Yet my father always inspired us to follow our dreams. Well my ambition was to be a pilot. But it was like a fairy tale in years of my adulthood. The planes always attracted me. After selection in the student pilot program and scoring well in written, oral, and fitness round when it came to finally join my dream line, the big question came…Finances. Although my darling father assured me well to take care of all expenses and never forced me in spite of his situation, yet I refused and diverted myself in medical field. After knowing the fact that papa will have to take an appreciable loan, I quit.  I followed my mind and Almighty made me a successful person today. Yet that pilot inside me met me sometimes and asks questions.

Again I can see a little dream taking birth at my home. I am talking about my little girl; she is just 12 months old. I have hardly seen such a young kid sleeping on a particular song, or twisting her waist like a professional dancer. I can surely say that she has a keen interest in music and dance. She stands still and watches the contestants of “Indian Idol Junior “or “The voice India”. You name a music show and she will pay attention like the professionals. The signature tone of Indian idol junior is enough to make her stop crying instantly. Her favorite songs are “Soha Saha”(Movie Highway) , char kadam(movie PK), "the day we met"(movie twilight)and the list includes typical melodious songs.

You can enjoy her mimicking and singing @



 Moreover she can mimic your tone of singing. I mean if you sing slowly she will sing(in her language); if you are loud and fast , she will do the same. It’s hard to believe but I see this daily.

I know its too early but I believe “The earlier, The better”. Inspired by sachin's story of making history I have decided to start early. Although without pushing my daughter at all I will just try to develop her interests and nurture her talents. I have promised myself that she will not have to give up her dreams at least for a financial cause. I agree that professional training will require lots of money.

As a parent we have taken few steps towards her future-

Financial Planning – after discussion we made a list of the probable financial needs of her schooling, education, tuitions and the basic monetary requirements

Investment – Today’s little investment will be tomorrow’s bigger support. So early investment is what we are looking forward

Separate fund for her dreams- Apart from the basic and necessary education, she may need a professional training. So we will be prepared for the same. I believe in long term investments for the same. We simply have decided to deposit this fund every year as her birthday present also when ever some family member gives her money, we include that also.

Gaining Knowledge- One must have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the investments and their maximum benefits, in other terms one must understand the instruments available as well as their efficacy. As we have enough time so we have just implemented this one.

As I am a medical person and I can hardly understand the technical terms and the typical calculations of actuaries, yet I have decided to step forward for my daughter. Frankly I haven’t invested yet but soon will do it.

Whenever I see my little daughter,  that 13 year old innocent ambitious girl who gave up her dreams for whatever reason says” don’t let the history repeat itself, don’t create  another  similar story”.

So I will just allow her to dream big and encourage her skills whatever it takes. Let me tell you all that each time I watch her singing in her language a sense of satisfaction relieves  me that my girl has paced for her journey so early in life. She is an early starter. I will nurture and develop her skill in every sense I can.

That’s a mother’s promise!


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