"Only You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness In Life" - Part two
|   Apr 14, 2016
"Only You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness In Life" - Part two

“I am so tired of Life”

“I feel so frustrated that I want to run away”

“Nobody cares for me, I meant nothing”


Do you feel the same way, very often? I must say you are not alone; our community (community of mothers) is always underestimated and underrated in society. We work harder and harder still NO CHANGE.

Try these SEVEN ways to get happiness and more peace in your life:


Sleep Party

 Just choose one day of week. May be Saturday or Sunday, whichever suits you and the family best. Just tell your hubby in advance one night prior to your sleep party that you are going to be late in the morning. You can prepare everything for the morning in advance so that the Daddy won’t face any issue. Keep the feeding bottles ready, pile up the diapering essentials, whatever arrangements are needed just do in advance and show it to your hubby.

Your aim is to get extra sleep (may be just an hour extra). But believe me it will make you feel energetic.


Taste really matters 

 Do you remember when was the last time you ate as per your taste (and not convenience?) Let’s do it today. You can cook or even can order from any nearby restaurant. Whatever you choose make sure you enjoy every bite of your food without any hurry.




 I know it’s not feasible for most of us to go to a dance class or to follow our hobby in a professional way. So what; you can devote some of your time to your hobby, like sketching, dancing randomly on a number, painting, reading your favorite author etc. It could be anything.

Our aim is not to make an artist out of us or to get professionally trained, but just to feel ourselves. It depends upon you how much time you can afford for your liking, 10 minutes or even less than that. But do it to the fullest.



 I agree that without doing any special exercise women tend to work very hard. Still devote a little of your time to workouts as exercise tends to release Endorphin (hormone) in your system which makes you feel good (the feel good hormone). Workout may be in form of walking, mild jogging, doing some stretches and any such activity. Don’t bother for duration as 10-15 minutes are able to do miracles for you. If you can’t devote this much of time alone then plan it with your baby, may be in form of an evening walk, in the park while he is busy with swings (just an idea).



 Meditation can be helpful to you in searching peace in your life. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it. Here’s a simple way to meditate.

-Choose a place and timings comfortable to you (I found it best when I am on bed for sleep as the LO is asleep then).

-you just need to sit (or lay down) relaxed. Close the eyes.

-Take deep breath, in from the nose, out from the mouth.  Start to count the breath. One to Ten and then start again.

- Try to concentrate on breathing. You have to feel the chest wall expansion while breathing in and how the body softens when breathing out.

-Now feel that the weight of your body is to the center or one particular side. You should be able to feel the tensed area of your body. Just try to relax them.

-Breath and just breath. Imagine the air is travelling to your body from nose to the toes. Feel it.

Do the above said process at least for 15 minutes (breath count to 100), or more if you like to. Now stretch yourself and feel the immediate atmosphere i.e. your room.

You can do it every time you go to sleep, also you can listen any soothing song (I prefer instrumental).


Chit Chat

 Talk to your best friend, Sister, brother or your mother. Talk to them at least once a day. You can recall your school, college or childhood memories and discuss the same with your loved ones. Not only you but they too will feel connected to you.


The ultimate option

 When nothing works, one solution that is never going to fail is PLAN A VACATION TO YOUR MOTHER’S PLACE.

Well no justification is required for why every girl loves her mother’s place. Only there you will be pampered like a kid no matter how old are you.



And never forget that “Happiness is in the mind”

After all “Only you are responsible for your own happiness in life”











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