Take the right decision today to make a bright future tomorrow
|   Jan 11, 2017
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Take the right decision today to make a bright future tomorrow

Every mother is concerned for her little one’s health. We all know that health is not a one-day task, it is a continuous process. Your child’s eating habits will have a striking impact on his health throughout the period of adolescence and adulthood. It is thus necessary to make sure that they consume nutritious food as it helps them grow properly, develop, do well academically and above all feel good about themselves. Ample nutrition also helps in preventing issues in their later age.


Even thought the nutritional need of each child depends on the age, gender and activity level, as per RDA (Recommended dietary allowance) which is established by ICMR (Indian council of medical research), the values for a one to three year old are as follows(per day):


Energy 1100 -1240 kcal

Protein 22 grams

Fat 25 grams (especially DHA and choline for better brain development)

Calcium 400 mg

Iron 12 mg/d


Even after knowing the actual needs, is it easy to implement it on your child? Being a mom to a fussy eating toddler I would strongly say NO!


So mother what’s your strategy to meet special health needs of your kid?


Well the answer is extra nutrition in form of correct supplement. It is indeed difficult to incorporate the proper measure of all the essential nutrients in meal of our little ones especially if they are picky eater; moreover it is practically not possible to sustain this perfection for a longer period of time. Thus we talk about introducing the right habits in early age (here we are referring the second year) because this is the time when the foundation can be laid for future which is permanent. So it’s better to start early than being late.


I have faced the dilemma myself. I was personally willing to introduce some health drink to my little one’s diet. But many barriers were preventing me to do so like- young age of kid, digestibility of any health drink, physical growth was okay but it was me who knew that the nutritional intake was not up to the mark, finding a suitable health drink etc.


But as my kid’s health was concerned I concluded one brand after much market research. The point here is that whatever brands you find suitable, just choose one. Don’t run behind the barriers, after all it’s your responsibility to ensure health for your child. I did the same and today it’s a routine for my kid to take milk two to three times a day with one teaspoon full of the health drink of my choice. It is important to give age appropriate, specialized health drink to the child to cater to all his/her nutritional requirements.


I listened to my mother’s instinct and took the wise decision of choosing the right health drink for my child. My purpose is just to motivate you too if you are also lying in the same boat regarding your child.

Be the mother who takes full responsibility of her child’s health. Early years are the most crucial period in a person’s life. So take the right decision today to make a bright future for kid tomorrow.


Do not forget that right start is a must for right growth.


Happy feeding and happy parenting!

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