Your super kid needs super food
|   Apr 25, 2016
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Your super kid needs super food

Are you a mother of school going kid?

If yes then just have a look on your kid’s routine. Don’t you feel that he is running a race, a race to be more competent in studies as well as in extracurricular activities (swimming, skating, dance, sports, karate etc) and he needs more than just normal?

So mother what’s your strategy to meet special health needs of your kid? Well the answer is extra nutrition. If the child is well nourished, he will definitely be able to perform and play better and for longer with high mental alertness. Thus right nutrition is the key for a super kid. Although being a modern and educated mother we all give our kids the best. But do our ‘best’ is ‘indeed’ the best for them? So before planning food for your little ones just keep these essential nutrients in mind.


Carbohydrate-They are the major source of energy. The more active your young athlete is, the more he needs energy. Thus calorie aptness is must in his meal routine; in other words meal must provide enough carbohydrate for muscle energy. Some good sources are whole grains, pulses, potatoes, milk, fruits etc

Protein-They are the building blocks of our body. Our kids need them for strength, growth and muscle maintenance. Some protein dense foods are lean red meat, turkey, chicken, seafood, Eggs ,peanut butter, soy products, legumes, nuts, seeds etc.

Fats-They are the most overlooked and criticized yet important nutrient. Fats are needed for overall good health of a person specially children. Omega 3 & omega 6 fatty acids are needed for better cognitive, social, language and behavioral development. In nutshell they are necessary for brain functions. Some good sources are vegetable oils, fatty fishes, nuts, seeds etc.

Calcium-it is essential especially for growing children for strong healthy bones & teeth also to prevent bone loss in later ages. Food sources of calcium are milk& milk products, seafood, green leafy vegetables, legumes etc.

Vitamin - They are the protective agents of our body. They boost immune system, support normal growth & development and help cells and organs do their functions. Vitamins like A, D,E & K is of specific importance. Some sources of these vitamins are 

Vitamin A: Beef, eggs, seafood, apricots, vegetables like carrots, spinach, pumpkin, broccoli; fruits like apple, orange, mango etc.

Vitamin D: Corn flakes, yogurt, organ meats, eggs, dairy products etc.

Vitamin E: Avocado, Tomatoes, berries, whole grain products, nuts, oils etc.

Vitamin K: Meat, liver, egg yolk, whole grain, vegetables like peas, cabbage, cucumber, broccoli, soybean etc.

Vitamin C: Citrus fruits, spinach, tomatoes etc.

Vitamin B groupB1 Cereals, pulses etc; B2 Chicken, fish, legumes etc; B3 Salmon, fishes, pasta, legumes etc; B6 Potatoes, poultry, red meat, eggs fortified cereals etc; B12 Fish, red meat, poultry, milk, cheese, eggs etc.

Minerals-Each mineral has a specific and important role.

Iron helps red blood cells carry oxygen to all parts of body. Sources of Iron are red meat, pork, fish, lentil beans, soy foods, green leafy vegetables raisins etc.

Magnesium is necessary in nerve functions. Sources are whole grains, beans, avocados, potatoes, banana, milk etc.

Phosphorous helps forming healthy bones and teeth. Sources are dairy products, meat, fishes etc.

Potassium helps in heart muscle functions and nervous system functions. Sources are broccoli, citrus fruits, potatoes with skin, banana, dried fruits etc.

Zinc is important in wound healing, immunity & normal growth. Sources are red meat, poultry, dried beans, milk, nuts etc.



Try your level best to incorporate the above essential nutrients in your kid’s daily food routine. It is indeed difficult to incorporate the proper measure of all the essential nutrients in meal of our little ones especially if they are picky eater; moreover it is practically not possible to sustain this perfection for a longer period of time. Thus we have to choose smart and search practical solution to combat the nutrition deprivation for children. One good option is to use fortified and healthy cooking oil (which can provide more than one nutrient) like sunny Lite oil which is fortified with power of five. It is always beneficial to choose the food that provides more than one nutrient. By choosing smartly we can give our children the right nutrition they need.


Make your kid a super kid; make his food a super food.


Do mind that “foundation of healthy tomorrow can be laid today” thus #Sahi Khilao Future Banao.

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