The Baby is on the Way... Yippee..
|   Dec 27, 2016
The Baby is on the Way... Yippee..

So now that you have conceived, you must be all like “VICTORY” (in your brain). But is it? As I shared in my earlier blog conception wasn’t as tough for me as it becomes for women who decide to plan for a baby after a while, say around 5 years later to marriage, however the after period had hit me hard. I was very active, running all the time type of person and not to forget I loved dancing (wasn’t a serious dancer or something, just party harder kind of a dancer), so the first month immediately after I had conceived and wasn’t aware of it everything was going well, other than there was a strong urge of hunger in me all the time which was very difficult to be controlled. This was  strange  because I wasn’t a foodie at all and a messy eater when it comes to eat at regular food intervals (ignore my profession in this -FYI I am a dietician, who teaches people about what & when to eat).

Eating like a dinosaur and then came the second hit- peeing. I had a weak bladder earlier also but now I was sitting in the bathroom after each 30 minutes and not to forget about being wet all the time. So I went to this gynaecologist of mine who told me it’s perfectly normal to pee and be wet during pregnancy-ahhhh! Now this pregnancy thing was getting on to me real bad.

Anyway I accepted it as had no other choice and continued with my life as before. It was a little over my first month when I saw that red colour during one of my peeing session, horrified as I was. I called my Gynae and she told me it’s perfectly fine and I shouldn’t call her until its urgent(in my head what had happened was the most urgent thing that could have happened to me since my birth but she told me its normal- I already killed her 10 times in my head). After hearing it from my gynae I had my second line of control- friends, relatives and colleagues. Who by the way work as doctors in their own way. Lot many suggestions and useless tips. I wasn’t convinced by anyone so decided to change my doctor.

Later that evening I was told my placenta was low and had a fungal infection which explained my peeing, spotting & drooling. 15 days of bed rest with medicines and couple of steroid shots were prescribed. Also my new gynaecologist told me to slow down my pace of life a little. I had good 15 days to think about myself which was new; anyway there were couple of things which I thought can be useful to others in my shoes-

  1. There are many myths about those 9 months, no all of them are not wrong but couple of them are hazardous, like- You don’t have to eat white food first thing in the morning for a fair baby. It’s crazy, don’t torture yourself. The list is endless, just be wise.
  2. The gynaecologist you get for yourself has to be really comforting, why comforting because the base line is same. They all do the job they are trained for. My first one was too casual about everything which wasn’t right. Go for a friendly and soothing person and small or soft hands aren’t the criteria.
  3. We are usually told by elderly people to be active, here please, see your stamina and the state of your placenta. I have seen other females who could really run around in early days of pregnancy and were perfectly normal where as I was prescribed to be on bed with my legs held high on pillow. So really see for yourself, you know how much you can take not others.
  4. The glorious normal delivery: I did all my exercises, yoga and whatever was told to have it but no it didn’t work. Hence be fit but don’t kill yourself for that normal delivery. Trust me end of the day everything is the same. In my case I was in labour pains for 48 hours and still my son came out by a C-section.
  5. Food cravings- this is the biggest setback of all, scientifically we all know this is a myth but it’s followed all over with pregnant women. Why? When I was pregnant my cravings were for food which I would usually avoid in normal state like sweets and a lot of sweets. That was the reason I gained around 23 kgs during my days. So control it. It’s only you who can do it. Again gaining is easy but shredding it off is very difficult.
  6. Don’t go in depression. It’s a changing time everything in you and around you is changing so take one at a time, never stress yourself for things you can’t control, be it weight or other things.
  7. 9 months is huge time and towards end it is very normal to go restless but just remind yourself you have seen last 9 months very well so the rest would be over soon.
  8. Enjoy your time; that kicking of baby and hiccups in your tummy should be cherished.
  9. Being happy is the key to happy child, so keep yourself happy, no matter what comes or goes.
  10. Eat well but don’t take advantage of your state for food. The weight you will gain would be your task to shred as well.
  11. Go for checkups on regular interval and whenever in doubt, take help from people around you.

See pregnancy is 9 months period but like stretch marks it leaves many other signs in you forever, be well prepared and never let negativity surround you.


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