Who's in a race? Kids or mommies?
|   Nov 17, 2016
Who's in a race? Kids or mommies?

I bet we've had the best childhood. I am more so convinced when I see the kids of today. They barely know what it is to have fun. They are so busy achieving big things at tender ages. Of course, we have great examples in our country to live up to. Sachin tendulkar played international cricket at 16!! Just as then, we saw so many parents taking their children to cricket camps with those heavy kits on tender shoulders. But sad, we are yet to provide the national team with another Tendulkar! Never the less the cricket camps made a lot of money!  Every parent I look at now a days is in a great hurry! They want their children to know, learn, practice, talk, play everything as soon as they can and they better be the best in all these! Else the parent feels lost!  I recently over heard a parent  talking, "my son goes to abacus classes on Mondays, guitar classes on Tuesdays, football classes on Wednesdays and Fridays, hip hop dancing on Thursdays and Saturdays." 

I gasped a breath on her behalf. Pheeew! So many classes and yes, the child better cope with all these and also fair well in all these.  

Why? Please tell me why? 

When I asked a few fellow parents, mothers mostly, who followed a similar pattern for their kids, I heard their perspective and some genuine problems too.

One of them told me, "Ya, sometimes I do feel guilty sending him to too many classes but I feel he will fall behind in his peer group if he's not a part of all these!"

Much as I was surprised... I spoke to another parent.

She says "OK, I will not burden him with too many classes, but tell me what will he do sitting at home. None of the kids are out and playing. I don't want him to watch TV or sit in front of the computer. He's not much into reading books. So to avoid him do nothing and while away time, I thought let him learn something new. What's wrong with that?"

Ok...valid..But still not convinced.

The third one completely took me by surprise, the parent concludes with out any medical consultation, "my daughter is a hyper active child" Hyper active?? Really??? I wonder if she really heard or knew what she was speaking.

Ok, let's listen to her part..

"My daughter is a hyper active child, she can't sit at one place, so I put her to multiple classes so that she's drained out by evening."

Ok....another perspective. But still, I disagree. 

As I hear the parents talk while they are at school to pick up kids, they sound so competitive while they say "my child goes to dance classes and will be performing this weekend. I am so happy you know, she dances so well". The other parent is already in so much hurry wanting to speak about her child. Every parent is busy chauffeuring their children to one or the other classes. The stress in most of the mothers is because of this. They are on a constant race! Super mom is what they wanna be known as! Please pause parents, pause and think. They are your children. Stop treating them as your trophies. Why pressurize them so much? The priority is the child should enjoy what he/she is doing and not succumb to the parent's pressure or do it only because the neighbour's child is doing it. 

"Only when they enjoy doing what they are doing, they will do their best" 

So let them choose what they want to do.

Yes, in today's world the options are too many. We as kids never knew about most of them. Stop dragging them to every other place. Take it easy. 

Not every 15 years old cricket enthusiast can be Tendulkar. Not every math enthusiast can be Shakuntala Devi. 

They are just kids with tender minds. Let them grow at their own pace. Let's not forcibly pull all fingers of the hand to be of the same height. 

Yes, if the child shows interest in some thing and wants to pursue it. We as parents, let's do everything possible to support their interest. But please don't force them to live your dreams. Talk to your children, know their interests, how much time they are comfortable devoting for it or how much energy they are able to give to the activity. Anything other than their academics is supposed to be their hobby. Hobby is something done in your leisure time and what you enjoy learning. So please, let children have the freedom of choosing their own hobby and it is definitely not necessary that they have to excel in it, as long as they are enjoying their hobby, it fine! A healthy mind leads to a healthy body. A healthy body leads to good achievements. So let's keep our children happy and nurture healthy minds! 

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