Teacher's Love is Infinite:My Good luck I met you!
|   May 16, 2017
Teacher's Love is Infinite:My Good luck I met you!

Love you my teacher.. I could not stop saying this to my mentor who had wiped my tears on the first day of my school. I happened to recently met her at a relative's house. It was a WOW moment for the day. We had all gone to meet my sister who had delivered a baby girl. She (my teacher but my sister's taiji) also entered with us. I folded my hands to greet her just like I do to all elders in the house. We all sat down and started talking, gazing at the baby, loving her and taking her in our arms. Somehow, I was watching her very closely as there was something ringing in my head-her voice, her looks, her super cute haircut. To break the ice, i asked her, were you teaching in Mount Carmel? Were you the class teacher of Nursery-C? She was replying YES to all that I was asking. I quickly gasped my breath and said "Mam, It is me, your student, batch of 1987". 

I wasn't expecting that she would recognize but when she said my name, i could not stop my tears. What could i have asked for? I was trembling in excitement. With no offence to the relatives we had gone to visit (as everyone was watching us jumping), there was a sudden happiness in the air. My father jumped off the sofa shouting oh Bhatnagar mam, yes yes, you are here. Everyone was shouting, smiling, and remembering the first day of my school, how she had held my hand and helped me walk me the class. 

Her meek voice asked me, so are you working? You have grown so big, you have a kid now? She wanted to talk to me infinitely. I kept looking at her face to know my teacher more who i was searching since last 30 years. Had heard all my friends talk about the reunion they have with their mentors, i was always silent, as i never had a moment to share. Today i have, i am going to keep it me forever, cherish and shout it out.  

I looked at her face to remember that how she used to put a big bindi, wear sleeveless blouses, well-ironed cotton sarees. Surprisingly that hadn't changed till date. She was the same, all that was different was that she a grown a little old, had wrinkles all over her face. 

Mam, thanks for allowing me to make you a part of my memory, you are someone's relative but you will always be my Bhatnagar mam. I can never forget you. You will always be a part of me wherever i go. My daughter is too small to even understand how it feels to meet someone who had nurtured me, but i will surely tell her how it feels to meet your teacher who had always been a part of me. 

Wishing you the best in life. I will call you soon so that we can share what was left unspoken since so many years. Couldn't have asked for such a lovely mother's day. #Mother's Day

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