Relationship Goals - The Saas-Bahu Saga..
|   Jun 16, 2017
Relationship Goals - The Saas-Bahu Saga..

The most daunting issue for decades and centuries. Something almost all families struggle to cope up with. Many marriages come to an end due to the never ending dispute between the mother in law and daughter in law, especially the men who find it tough to balance the both. Let’s not discuss about who is important and who is not. In my view, that’s not worth to be a question at all. It’s just about two amazing women falling in love with a man in completely different ways. One carried him and the other carries a life for him.

So where is the problem? Why is there a constant necessity to compete with each other when it’s not required at all? This is a very sensitive issue when it comes to writing; we are in a world where anything and everything is misunderstood.  So, no wonder women face problems when they start to live in a new atmosphere with new people with whom they are not familiar with. Women just lack a bit of thought here-Imagine you are employed in a renowned organisation and you really want to make a good impression with the people you are working with. You strive hard with your skills and you do your best and even stretch yourself if required to make a mark to get the recognition. Needless to say, you will be celebrated if your effort gets noticed and acknowledged.  I very well know emotions are very much different when it comes to professional and personal front, but if we are flexible enough to struggle with all our heart to somebody who doesn’t mean to us in any way apart from work, we are capable of achieving high with our extended family as well.

Let’s keep it simple –It’s all about people and how we make them feel. The only difference lies in who matters to us and who doesn’t.  The real happiness do not come just by impressing them by having a mask of what we are not in real, it’s just lending an extra hand and treating them as your own family.   We all have been pampered enough, we don’t work much in our home especially with mom around, but let’s admit- equally we get criticized if we are found lazy and irresponsible. If we get to experience the same response from our in laws we all become lawyers. We tend to complain, we start to hate them. There is no point in cribbing to husbands because honestly they won’t know where and why is the problem. It’s difficult for them to take a stand since both the women are equal in priority in their eyes.  It’s a necessity to make them aware of things only when they go out of control like abuse or ill-treatment.  So, let’s be ignorant and sport to the things which are not really important in life.

We can’t be alone at all point of our lives. We need people, we need healthy relationships for us to survive, and we need love. Family is the only thing which makes us feel complete. To all the men out there- Don’t stand up for mom, don’t stand up for wife –just stand up for what is right! That will make your upbringing speak up for you.  Live and let live :)

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