Woman, the most cursed...
|   Oct 20, 2016
Woman, the most cursed...

The title might startle you but I happened to read a post off late, which disturbed me very much. It was about a woman named Andrea Yates, who is a resident of Houston, Texas and was accused of killing her 5 children in a bathtub. The reason was found to be postpartum psychosis, a mental disorder occurring in new moms. I was quite shocked that this depression could lead to such a worst disaster. I just discovered, there are many women who are the victims of the same.

A normal human might see it as a sin or a crime. It is indeed a crime but If we look beyond this, she might not be the only cause for the murder. I probed about the lady and the disorder she was going through. She killed them not because she hated them but she couldn’t handle herself anymore. She was going through a bad emotional phase, may be extreme of it which had led to this tragedy. As a mom, I think how in the earth she can do this to her own children; she is not worth to be repented or forgiven. But, as a woman, I can at least understand her plight . May be her intention was to kill herself but she killed her children instead,  and she had a long history of illness in the past. In spite of doctor's advise , she had her fifth child and that added to her trauma ,  which resulted in brutal death of the babies. 

I was actually made aware about this and the counselling sessions during my ante natal classes in the hospital. I didn’t pay much heed because I thought maybe they are doing it in a business motive and it’s not really a big deal. I was under the impression that this is a case for every mom and would get over it soon after the delivery. But, after reading this I realized the importance of mental health especially for a new mom. She needs that emotional support whenever she feels low or anxious. She might be having a bad or a tired day but some soothing or motivating words might console her.Not every lady is gifted with a understanding or a compatible partner, that too most of the typical Indian marriages are arranged, before they get to know each other, they already have a baby. They don’t communicate, or spend time together which is very crucial in a married life. That’s when both of them would value and help the other in the best way possible. Few bear it, few give up, few work on it, and few face very hard times where they end up killing their own child. I am no way justifying her act, but all I wanted to point out here is her lack of emotional support and proper guidance had made her to become furious and violent.

I feel the society had grown to be too judgemental especially on a woman- she is constantly being criticized irrespective of whatever she does. We can’t blame a specific individual or any community for this, the design is made in such a way that, woman should be submissive in every point if life she encounters and she should never think of herself. These had been enough said in the recent days, but there are still many who suffer in the lot. I sincerely hope that, this trend changes. I am not stressing to hold on with her or praise her throughout but at least never attempt to take her for granted. It truly puts her dignity down, destroys her inside, her ambitions and her everything.


Last but never the least, this post is just a wakeup call to every woman who are surviving through the fittest and lets all actually live life rather than killing it.

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