|   Oct 21, 2015

This summer, my elder daughter got a school project that was all about Plants, their types, parts, uses and how to basically take care of them. She was too excited when I promised her to take her to a nursery (Although we have a lot of plants at home, but at the time of giving out the project, the teacher asked the students to visit a nursery and for my girls, teacher’s words are like the verses from the bible, so how could they miss the visit?!). We visited the nursery and learned about a variety of plants and flowers. My girls were enjoying their best and I was enjoying their growing up. Suddenly my daughters rushed to me and can you guess what happened? There originated their obstinacy to plant their own seeds! After trying to convince them by citing various reasons like, there  is no more space in the balcony, we already have so many of them at home, blah, blah, blah, I noticed they are in no mood to listen, and so I gave up!

So, here were we…..back to our home having the tomato seeds to get started with. We planned how to go about further and started planting our own tomato plant. My daughters didn’t allow anyone of us to even touch anything for they wanted to do everything all by themselves. They didn’t want any help from us but just the directions. On being asked for help they said, “Mumma, we can do”. They filled the pot with a mixture of potting mix and slowly sprinkled some fertilizer all over. Then came the time when they asked for a help to plant the seeds in the soil. Both of my kiddos were too excited to see their seeds grow. They were enjoying the simple joys of growing up. I never thought my one “yes” would make them so happy! They would water them and watch them every now and then to see if they have sprouted into a plant. I just hoped for the seeds to grow well into a plant otherwise my babies would get disheartened! Whenever my girls felt a little low by not seeing any plant coming out of the seeds, I encouraged them to wait patiently by telling them how much time it takes for a plant to grow by giving them a lot of examples and framing stories. The small plants that my daughters planted gave us endless playful moments to bond with each other.

This continued for about 3-4 week just when one day my elder daughter noticed that the plant had started growing. The younger one joined her too and their joy knew no boundaries. They danced crazily and came to me running and hugged me tight. Even I was very excited with the news. I realised that kids have an amazing zeal to do anything and are always ready to explore and learn. I could sense the confidence they got by succeeding in their task. By doing just a simple activity together, I could make them learn the functions of the soil, the manure and of course, to plant seeds!! It somewhat taught them the patience, as they waited for the plant to grow! My daughters would now take every possible effort to take the best care of their plant. They, in fact, we, were anxiously waiting for the tomatoes to show up and finally, the wait got over. After approximately 45 days, their plants showed four tomatoes one by one and my daughters felt a sense of accomplishment watching them reap.

They, as well as I, learnt a lot from the moments spent together. With them, I am discovering a whole new me!

Their love has pulled me into their world and now we work together with each other on various activities. We are really the best of the friends and what could be a better blessing to have found a bestie right in your very own home? Isn’t it? :)

I always believe in giving children the minds of their own and ensure that I talk with them about their thoughts, hopes, ideas, and feelings. I set them free to do what they want to, for I know I am just giving them the opportunity to search, explore, and grow by their own with an underlying confidence that they are not alone- their mother will always be there for them. I will just them fly to explore the sky for I will be carefree but not careless with them ever! In my attempt to provide a “Khulhjaye Bachpan” to them, I have also become their best buddy!


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