Color Outside the Lines!
|   Oct 21, 2016
Color Outside the Lines!

The song ‘Guaranteed’ gives me chills every time I listen to it. Literally, I can show you the goose bumps! I just can never get bored of this beautiful lovely song.

“Leave it to me as I find a way to be

Consider me a satellite forever orbiting

I know all the rules, but the rules did not know me


Listening to the above lines gave me a sudden sense of realization! Rules. What are they? We have been forever living with the rules, right? In school, follow the decorum and study what’s written in the textbooks, at home follow the rules and behave accordingly, but what ‘rules’ really mean and why are they made?

Well, 10 years ago Pluto was a planet. Then something happened and poor Pluto was taken out of the group. Suddenly, life came to an emotional breakdown! “What about the years I had spent learning that Pluto is a planet?” And what about those brilliant sentences created. “My very intelligent mother just showed us nine planets” (MVIMJSUNP). This sentence suddenly made no sense!! And now, surprise, surprise, 2016 says ‘Pluto is back with a bang’. Yes, Pluto is a planet again!

So, my point is who made such rules? Yes, obviously you cannot ignore the science in here, but in our own lives who did create these rules? That can be molded accordingly and changed how and when someone feels like? Another important question is, Is it important for your child to follow them? Any answers?

The other day I overheard a parent telling his kid that he cannot order chicken as it was Tuesday. While he himself was holding that mug of beer and gulping it down! I would never ever want my kids to pick up on something like that. And I so dread to be that mum who makes rules for the kids while she herself does whatever the hell she wants to do. We all know that kids learn more by what we do rather than what we say! So, in such a scenario, would a kid ever abide by the rules set for him for the so called, ‘Tuesday’?

Let me give you another example.

Every parent must have brought a coloring book for their children every now and then. Whenever I do, I just do not want some simple pictures for them to color on. It should have many shapes so they can fill in as many colors as they want, for each and every part of the whole picture. I get bored easily and do not want my kids to be bored from such a fun activity.

So here is the catch. I have heard people tutoring their kids on how they need to color inside the lines. How they need to be careful enough and not get the color outside that one line. Rules! You need to follow them. But, have you ever wondered that these rules we think are making our kids better might actually be harming them. By imposing such restrictions we, as parents, are not letting the imagination of our kids run wild! Are we not restricting their creativity? Yes, I want my kids to be to set free and explore themselves what is good and bad.

I have seen some parents doing the projects of their kids themselves because their kids were not able to beautiful their crafts as good as the parents can. O com’mon parents, let them do their best. So what, if it is not that perfect piece of craft but that is where you can watch your child’s creativity! Believe me, there will be times that your kid will bewilder you in his own unique way of handling the things!  Yes, I want my kids to be reckless and make mistakes and get up and realize what they did wrong.

Why do we want our kids to color inside the lines? Why do we want them to do the best? I encourage them to take that color, just any color, and run wild outside that stupid line. And, I just do not want them to color that Winnie-the-Pooh yellow. It can be blue, green, pink, purple, just whatever they want it to be. Why can't they color the sky pink? Well, imagine for a while if that could happen, how beautiful that would be!

Stop imposing those useless rules on your kids. Let them be free to explore. I just let them free to color their own experiences and not mine. I believe to give them a 'bachpan'wherein they can explore, they can play, they can make mistakes and learn from them. I will set them free and give them the chance to rise themselves after every fall but at the same time will extend my support whenever they need me. For me, Khuljae  Bachpan means me to forget about that line and let my kids do the crazy things.

Set your kids free to explore their ‘bachpan’. Let them enjoy. Let them be kids. Let them paint the world in their own canvas. Why don’t you let them color outside the lines? 

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