Dreams of a Brighter Tomorrow
|   Aug 19, 2015
Dreams of a Brighter Tomorrow

A couple of months after Sanvi was born, my IITian husband (pun intended) said, “I don’t know why, but I have the intuition that she will opt for Science as her career” . He is dedicated Science Lover , I knew this for sure but I also knew that he doesn’t know how to force things upon others, so a confused me, asked him “Are you going to force it on her?” His reply was “Never, but this is what I feel ! My dream is to see her excel in her studies , what so ever stream it may be, and that she reaches the highest level of education that she wishes to, but obviously it would be better if she opts Science !!!” Uff , his obsession with Science Stream was not a surprise for me anymore ! :P :P

As she was growing, I could see her love for ART. Since her beginning years, she was a very constructive child. Even her scribbling used to be very neat and patterned. Yes, I am not joking, I meant it when I wrote Patterned!!! She would sit in the corner, for what seem like hours, with her drawing sheets and pencil with focused mind trying to draw different images every time! Sometimes she’ll draw a lot, other times she’ll leave it aside while she’s exploring the other things she have.

There were instances when she just surprised me with her art skills by drawing things which I considered beyond her capability then. It would fill my heart all over again with love for her and I would make every possible step to foster her creative skills. I knew that she is creative and what I need to do now is to help her creative mind to be on that path of creativity and I just did that. She is a self-learner and has a love for books. I have got her so many “How to draw” books and believe me, I never had to sit and tell her, draw like that, learn this step, etc. Every day I see some development in her intelligence. Yes, Creative Intelligence is what I am talking about here!

The development of a creative mind is not measurable but its so sharp and fast that even we adults are left surprised! I always encouraged developing her creativity naturally and brilliantly. Her mind is full of wonder and her world full of imaginations. I don’t want her imagination to stop or move in a direction laid by me. I will let her free and fly into the skies with her own perceptions and imaginations. I will never make her run in the race to meet the social standards of “Good Art” for I know the day I start doing that , she will also look forward for those standards as benchmarks and all her creativity will be gone!

Sometime she would come to me with her piece of Art and ask “Mumma, how is it looking?” and then would look at me with such a hope in her eyes. What else I could have I said except “Its so Nice….Keep it up! You are a darling”,  resisting my temptation to judge her piece of art! My positive reaction would bring an ear to ear smile on her face! And honestly admitting, it always looked amazing to me. It was beautiful, it was carefree and I loved whatever she drew! I noticed, with each passing day her art was getting more clean, neat & beautiful!

Earlier, she used to say, “I like to draw” , now she says “I love to draw” , tomorrow, she might say, “Drawing is my life” or perhaps, “Now I don’t like drawing anymore” ! The decision will be hers! I don’t want to destroy her “Love" for it. Let her create an illusion of life with her art. Sometimes, she said, "why I can’t colour the sky red?"  and I used to say her , " if you want it to be red, colour it that way, its that simple! There is no right way or better way. It’s up to you. You can draw whatever you want , the only limit is your imagination." I believe Creativity is an aspect that is let out only when you relax. I will let her be my artist without any parameters, "Good or Bad".

 I don’t want to try to advance her faster than for what her mind is ready. I make sure she knows how much happy I am to see her drawing and how proud it makes me feel when she draws something all by herself! I just pay attention towards creating moments in our life and will remember to acknowledge them in the future. I believe in not having any preconceived opinion about something because that ALWAYS BRING DISAPPOINTMENT rather accept the way the things are coming, and that surely will BRING SOMETHING BETTER.

She is just 4 and a half years old now and everyday changes her opinion about what she want to be in life but one thing that’s constant is,  her love for Art. I make no mistake here saying, "She is an Artist".  I do not know what her dreams would be for a brighter tomorrow but my dream is to provide her with every opportunity to be the best she can be, and use her talent to make a difference in life . I will guide and support her throughout and make her believe that she CAN achieve anything if she WANTS , for determination is the only key! I just pray that she do her best and make the world all the more beautiful by her dedication, love, and Smile.

This is my Dua Dil se!!!!


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