I love the Woman In Me, Do You?
|   Feb 27, 2016
I love the Woman In Me, Do You?

The Girl in Me innocent like a child,

Never knew the world is so wild.

I was soft, I was humble,

I fought, I mingled.

I laughed, I cried,

Had dreams that I tried.

I was passionate, I had dedication.

I was emotional, I had devotion.

I fumed, I calmed,

I believed in miracle.

I was spiritual, I was stable,

Had the courage to fight any obstacle.

I liked my body, believed in the purity of souls,

I loved nature and its many roles.

Time Passed by, I met my Mate,

He became my destiny, My wonderful Fate.

His gentle touch, his selfless love,

He flinging his arms around my waist

I was on top of the world,

Life couldn’t get any better,

I welcomed the one who called me “Mother”.

She made life meaningful, she gave me a reason,

I couldn’t realize but now I was a Woman.

That day I knew where the differences lie,

I was transferred from a Girl to a Woman, the new phase of life!

The journey brought me maturity,

All credit goes to my baby’s purity.

Her pristinely beautiful face lights up the darkest of my days,

She is a piece of me, I am her emotional mainstay.

I promised myself, to be strong for this little love bundle,

Not only to be Soft, to be spiritual, to be Humble , 

But To be Powerful, to be strong, to be actually practical !

Now I am a different me with no tolerance for excessive criticism,

I will not shed tears and will no more play a victim.

I make mistakes, I learn from them,

I choose my battles as wisely I can.

This is the message I want to spread,

Don’t whisper behind my back!

Tell me directly if you have the courage,

Or my words would scream loud to put you in place!

I have lost the will to please others,

They are no more the ones for me that matter.

I am a changed Woman who is not ready to shed tears,

For I have thrown back all my fears.

I am more confident a person who loves life,

Being my daughters’ mother and my husband’s wife.

Maintaining my individuality as a Woman,

Doing what I love, following my passion.

My dreams are my vision, Inspiring to write,

That makes my life all the more bright.

Nothing Hurts more than being ignored,

Nothing heals like being loved!

I know this fact , and that is why,

I won’t ever let the #WomanInMe Die!

I love my dear ones and I love me too,

I love the Woman In Me and so should you!

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