I Will Not Transfer My Fear To My Girl!!!
|   Feb 17, 2016
I Will Not Transfer My Fear To My Girl!!!

Winters are special on their own and the winter vacations are no doubt the happiest time of the year. The warmth of being at your mother’s place in the chilly winters gives an altogether a different meaning to the vacations. Those lazy mornings, countless memories, the togetherness, the visitors who come to meet you, that special treatment, your favourite cuisines, and above all the love of your parents fill you with euphoria all over and give you the comfort which you cannot get anywhere else!

This winter vacations I am at my mother’s place and she is busy showering love upon my kids and me. Her love is shown in every littliest of the things and the kids are very smart to get the fact that they are free to do anything when they are at Nani’s place (for now,  Mumma’s Mumma is  here to scold her if she dare say them anything! :P)

Both of my girls were busy playing when my Mumma asked them what is it that they want to eat and my elder one, Sanvi,  replied with her favourite “Gajar Ka Halwa” ( The carving for it is in her genes, afterall, her dad and mom are crazy for the halwa too! ;)).

Not only does the winter season set us up to carve these high calorie foods but the holidays give us the abundant opportunities to have them.My mother smiled and said, “Okay, Give me some time; I’ll just prepare it for you.”

All afternoon Nani was busy preparing the Halwa and when she served a bowl to Sanvi, the little one jumped and exclaimed, “Nani, I can’t have so much, please reduce the quanitity”.

My mother said, “Why, I have made especially for you? You love it, don’t you? Have some more.

To this she replied, “Nani, I will become fat, you know!”

My mother and I were surprised to hear this from my ‘not so little’ baby!

My mother said, “No baby, it’s not like that. Who told you?

She replied, “I heard Mumma saying it the other day when she was served the same. Remember?

Children notice whatever we say and imitate us in ways we couldn’t even imagine! I realised that she has picked up my fear of weight gain which is just not correct! Now, it was my turn to say something.

I said, “Oh, are you talking of that day? That time I didn’t crave for it much. Moreover, I was already full. Like I always say, we shouldn’t eat after we feel full; so that day I was not hungry anymore, I refrained myself from eating more of it. Always remember, as long as you feel hungry and what you eat is healthy, you may have it.” I also explained her, “There is much to us than the way we look. All women are not supposed to have a tiny waist but a big heart!!!”

She was too happy to hear this and told my mother to fill her bowl with 'a little extra' Halwa. She started eating and when Nani asked her how it was, she replied “Oh, It's Yummilicious, I love it”!!!

We were happy to see them happy eating their favourite winter food. They gave both of us a hug after they were done with it. We had wonderful family time and an array of bonding moments to enjoy and cherish.

 I want my kids to enjoy their bachpan without any fear! For me, khuljaye bachpan refers to give them a happy childhood and an environment where they will learn that more than the body shape it is the body health that is important! As long as I am convinced that my child has healthy eating habits, I will not stop her from having her favourite food, especially the Gajar ka Halwa, after all, is there anything more scrumptious than it in winters? ;)

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