"The Bazinga Box"
|   Sep 01, 2015
"The Bazinga Box"

Bazinga Box is a box that engages children in an open-ended exploration, a box that enables kids think out of the box. It is basically an array of hands on activities for kids while keeping them positively engaged and diverting their energy in the right direction. With many brain stimulating fascinating activities (around 5-6 of them) based on a new theme every month, the idea of a theme behind each box mixing fun and education appealed to me. I found it to be a great tool to enhance a child's creativity.


Last week I received our first Bazinga Box. It was theme based and conveniently packed including high quality material with a crisp, colourful and image heavy user guide for specific hands-on learning for kids along with around half a dozen of activities to be engaged and explore.


Being our first Bazinga box, it is very close to our hearts.  It is based on the Incredible “I” theme. The well thought and carefully planned approach has been incorporated to ensure the overall development of your child! It helps your child to educate, enrich, explore and engage- that’s exactly what a parent look forward in any activity box, Isn’t it?  Well, let me give you an activity by activity insight of the box :

The box came with an attractive fragrance to make my little ones all the more excited to open it the moment it arrived. When we opened the Bazinga Box, it had all the mateials required for each and every activity along with the user guide.  

Its Soapy Senses Activity was more than just fun for kids. Kids made their own soaps with the shapes of their choice Their hand made scented soaps made bathing time all the more playful & enjoying, though it made it hard for me to take them out from the bathroom.  :P

The Layer me up Activity was a puzzle activity wherein three puzzles ( of 8 pieces each) were there numbered 1 to3 ( containing, Skeletal system, Internal Organs, & external Body Parts) and each puzzle after being completed was to be put as layers on top of each other.  Raise any piece of the body and finds out what’s below it! Kids were all the way exploring the parts of the body here.

It had fun facts too about the life science which even I was not aware of, like, “Your stomach reddens while you blush. ” Did you know? Well I didn’t! :P

Another activity named  Make a Wish’  was about creating our own cake penny bank and make a wish before we start saving. It had various shaped materials included, for decoration, that helped kids learn shapes and spaces. Their own prepared penny bank encouraged them to put more money, although that emptied our pockets enough!!! :P :P But I was happy that they had an insight about the value of money at this age.

It also had activities like Sparking Smiles, which actually was not very appreciated by my kids, may be because they were too young to have the patience to play the entire game of completing a sparkling smile and thus, got bored easily. However, they loved the beautiful tooth dice and other materials of this activity!!!

Another fun Activity for the Daddy dearest was a gift of love & joy to share with him by making a book-mark in the shape of a tie and presenting it to him.

In the last, was the most pleasant surprise for the kids, the Incredible “I” Batch , though my gals had a good fight over that too. :P

Now, for the price, it ranges from Rs. 650 to Rs. 1000 depending on the duration for  you sign up as they have 1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscription plans. The longer the subscription for, the lower the prize per box.


 Overall, I definitely recommend Bazinga Box for I found it worth and value for money. Just try one for yourself and see it working wonders for your child. Their variety of themes to explore will make your child more independent by introducing him to activities based on discovery, sports, craft, art, creativity, games and science while all the way keeping the fun quotient high!


I'm in no way associated with the product personally. I am just a happy parent and wanted to share my views with the fellow parents here! :)

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