Wait!!! Is your kid Winter Ready???
|   Nov 27, 2015
Wait!!! Is your kid Winter Ready???

I am a shopaholic. I love shopping to the core of heart but with two kids under 5, my shopping always used to end up being incomplete leaving me too tired to do anything. Off late I started shopping online at Amazon and believe me, the experience has been amazing! Shopping through Amazon has been the most convenient and easy than ever. Also, it seems that the aphorism, “Your Margin is my opportunity” has become the unofficial Amazon mantra that provides you products “close to the costs” leaving you with more to shop within the budget. What else does a shopaholic need? ;)

With a variety of brands, designs, styles, colours available in the price range that I want, the age-group my kids cater to and the delivery that is safe, Amazon has been my first choice when it comes to shop online. With winters approaching, I am all set with a longggggg list to shop for, and trust me, I have all the reasons to support my list and the “things to buy”. :P  After all, it’s only me who is going to make my kids winter ready, Isn’t it?

 List to make my kids ready for this winter:

1.)    Bundle your precious Bundles:

With the change in weather, there is always a need to take extra precautions while bundling up your precious bundles. Dress your baby like an onion, with several layers of clothing rather than a single heavy outfit. The baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive and so, is vulnerable to various infections. Make sure that you have enough stock of those head gears, mittens, socks, vests and thermals.

Also, be careful when you buy winter wears for your little one. Keep a stock of Sweaters, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Jackets and Coats handy to protect your little one from chilling winter.

2.)     Protect against Rough & Red Cheeks and Dry & Chapped Skin:

Baby’s skin is more prone to the ill-effects of the windy chill. Chapped skin is basically dry skin that has become inflamed. Make sure that you smooth your little one with a non-perfumed moisturizer after you bathe him. Also, with constant drooling and lip-licking, the moisture breaks down the protective top layer of the skin leaving the lips vulnerable to the windy air of winters. Keep your baby moisturized all the time with fragrance-free and hypoallergenic lotion, cream, etc.

3.)     Buy the winter proof Gears:

Protect your baby from the wind chill this winter by purchasing the weather proof stroller and the cozy comforter car seat. This will not only protect the baby but will also make your travel with your baby more easy and comfortable.

4.)     Provide a cozy sleep environment:

Gift your baby a warm and cozy environment to sleep this winter. Buy for him from Amazon’s widest range of Baby bedding, ‘Comforters’, ‘Duvets and Comforters’, Quilts, Blankets, etc. to wrap him in. Stay warm and cozy with the Amazon’s trending products on the shelf. So, what are you waiting for? Make your kids winter proof in minutes. Stock up on everything you need for the Winter-Chill!!! :)

Do you think I am missing on something while trying to winter proof my babies? If that’s so, just let me know and I’ll add that too to my list. After all, why should I leave any opportunity to shop???? ;) :P

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