You can’t just outsource Motherhood!!!
|   Aug 17, 2015
You can’t just outsource Motherhood!!!

The day I met motherhood little did I know that I was embarking on a journey of finding myself….

Once you have kids, Life becomes totally restructured. My children are my life.

On one hand, Motherhood has made me all the more emotional while on the other, it has truly made me a much stronger, more patient, loving and bigger (both literally & figuratively) :P

In many ways I feel that it’s not me who has given birth to these two angels but there are these two souls who have given birth of a Mother in me. I was ought to teach them all about life but its they who have taught me what life is all about!!!

Motherhood is so serene, selfless that it purifies & enriches your soul but at times it gets hard too!!!

If you ever feel like giving up, just remember,  there is a little girl watching, who wants to be JUST LIKE YOU…don’t disappoint her ! Don’t ignore her , Ignoring problems is never the answer. If you  ignore her enough now, there will a point in life  when you’ll actually not have her in your life anymore!

We teach our kids directly and indirectly. They are watching us all the time . . . and taking really good notes!

Think about what is the message you are sending to your children about how to be a good wife? What did they learn today by observing how you talked to and interacted with your husband? Before behaving always feel as if your kids are saying  “I’m Watching You, Daddy & Mommy”, and if you do that, believe me ,  you will all the more be a true inspiration for them!!! They will learn more quickly what you practise rather what you say!!!

Enjoy every single moment of this blessing….good, bad , beautiful , ugly,  inspiring ….  .& thank God  that you have got the life what many dream of,  for giving you all such Moments to relish!

You can hire a variety of professionals for your child, like a maid, a driver, a chef, a laundry person, a teacher, a day care provider but can you hire another motherly figure for her? NO, you can’t just outsource Motherhood. Take joy in that. Every single day matters! It’s a Gift of Life.

Just do what your heart says and do not follow the clock all the time.

Motherhood in itself is a bliss. It transforms a mother into a beautiful Human being with a beautiful Heart full of pure Love.…Always Be Beautiful, Stay Beautiful!!

Whatever love I am able to shower on my kids is all what I have got from my Mother & I’ll always keep rearing my kids exactly like you Mumma…..Without thanking you, my post would have lost its entire meaning!!!

Of all the things I’ll ever do, Mothering my kids will be my greatest achievement and I don’t need any outward expression or a single day’s celebration to make its significance.

For me Every day is a mother’s day because I believe in the serenity of Motherhood. Motherhood make me confident that there are two little hearts who will always have a special corner for me and so do I for them!!! I love my gals to the moon and back and will keep loving them till eternity!!!

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