Funny side of pregnancy
|   May 16, 2017
Funny side of pregnancy

When it comes to pregnancy and baby, your mother, mil, grandma and basically all possible near n dear ones has a list of suggestions and advices ready! And trust me everyone has a unique advise, be it a superstition or be it related to health and food. (Not saying they are wrong )So here are some of advises n suggestions I went through..

When I was in my 4th month I remember travelling to Agra with my husband n my parents so my grandma told me not to go near Taj Mahal n inside as there are bodies buried..n it could affect the baby it sounded funny to me , I said ok but I still went . Don't watch thriller action horror n suspense movies your kid will also learn such things

My mil told me to join brahmakumaris for meditation, thankgod I didn't go, asked me to recite Gayatri mantra 104 times!! N that too everyday and Sunderkand path every Tuesday so that the baby has good values even before he is born!! One of my aunt told me not to go outside in evening with open hair, I mean seriously! My neighbor aunt told me while making chapati put extra palothan( that's dry atta to put while making chapatti) 'usse Tera baby ekdum gora peda hoga' ,first thing u should eat after getting up is coconut for a fair baby...when after my delivery I was having an egg my mil said to me that don't eat egg till 40days u know ' isse bacha me ache sanskar nai ayenge uske Dimag me achi baatein nai ayengi'. Just 6days after my c-sec , mil asking me to eat varieties of food , I asked her y and she said bache ka taste kaise develop hoga.. haha

So these are just some of the instances

If you have faced any of these or mention some of your instances in the comments.

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