Does My Child Need to See a Psychologist?
|   Aug 03, 2015
Does My Child Need to See a Psychologist?

Children in various stages of the growing up show various behavioral patterns. If tantrums are the order of 2-5 years, with growing age their response to circumstances changes vividly. Sometimes they tend to behave so differently that it compels the parents to be worried. Families living with specially abled kids have a lifestyle that is accompanied with its own unique set of challenges. Unlike many years ago, where children with autism, anxiety disorder, disruptive behavior, reactive attachment, schizophrenia, depression, bipolar and Down’s Syndrome and more were not able to lead fulfilled lives. The scenario today had changed with counseling from psychologists. There is widespread awareness and understanding about these conditions that is enabling professionals and families provide a normal, active life for these kids.

What constitutes disruptive behavior in kids?

Autism in children in layman’s terms can be termed as a neurological disorder consisting of impaired social communication & interaction. It has a strong genetic connection relating to the parents. Despite advanced techniques relating to child screening before the actual delivery occurs, many a times, a touch & go situation does arise when a child can be born with an autistic disorder. This often results in a wide variety of problems in general upbringing owing to these factors. This may compel parents to take the child to a psychologist.

The challenges thus arising may sometimes result into depression of various types for the parents. Especially in Asian cultures such as India for example, the emphasis is always on a child who is active, intelligent in mother-tongue fluency as well as graceful in all aspects. When a child’s behavior is contrary to normal society norms then parents need to be worried. Ideally the best way to handle this situation is to use the universal technique of combating depression by accepting the fact that there is a challenge present with the child. This is one of the first steps in the right direction. The next thing is to involve oneself as a parent more in the child’s activities by also interacting more with like-minded people facing similar challenges. This can eliminate one more problem resulting out of depression that is alienation & feelings of hopelessness that one is alone. This may be more relevant in the Indian context as the Indian culture is generally a collective one stressing on active interaction & co-operation between people, unlike the west that is more individualistic.

Various signs and symptoms of behavioral disorders in children

In Indian society, comparison between children is very common relating to their achievements. As a parent one should immediately refuse such levels of social interaction as that may lead to a feeling of depression & inferiority in some kids. It may also spark Schizophernia in children. This can be dangerous like Autism in children or ADHD in children. Various types of therapy can be sought to further aid speech & development, which can cause a dramatic improvement in the child’s overall personality & self-confidence of both parent & child.

Parents can notice unusual behavior that may be a warning signal. Autism generally occurs during the formative years, between the ages of two and three. It encompasses a range of psychological disorders that portray a lack of interest, impairment in communication and social skills. It creates reluctance in participating in activities and there are certain repetitive actions, gestures and behavior. It basically hinders normal brain functioning due to abnormal biochemistry, which prevents a child from assimilating and organizing information accurately. Under the umbrella condition called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ADS), there are five such disorders. This includes Autistic disorder, Asperger syndrome, Rett syndrome, Childhood disintegrative syndrome and Pervasive developmental disorder. The overwhelming fact is that six out of eight in every 1000 children display signs of autism.  These symptoms are said to be a result of the combination of genetic and environmental factors. Children from families with a history of nervous system elated diseases or chromosomal abnormalities are more susceptible. Other reasons include weak diet, digestive system transformations, vaccine sensitivity and inability to process vitamins and minerals. It can also happen due to mercury poisoning. This is why psychophysical care for both mother and child is important during the first 2-3 years.

It is heartbreaking for parents to see their baby suffering from autism but identification is important before it manifests to dangerous levels. That is why knowing the symptoms are essential. Some of the prominent indicators include:


1. Lack of eye contact and meaningful gestures by the age of one.

2. No signs of speech or vocabulary development by the age of sixteen months

3. Cannot combine words by the age of two.

4. No response when addressed by name

5. Does not smile or show affection

6. Loses language and social skills

7. Problems in mobility

8. Sometimes faces vision loss and hearing impairment

Approaching professionals for help

Today every city in India offers professional assistances to parents. If you need a child psychologist in Delhi or a child psychologist in Mumbai, Ziffi presents an exhaustive list of certified experts in the field. When you browse Ziffi’s list of professionals, you can also access several specialists in other cities like Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad. It gives a hope to parents when they know they can easily search for a child psychologist in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad.

An autistic child should not be harmed in anyway. In the event things lead to this professional intervention is urgently required. A parent can also go about discovering what the child is basically good at. From various studies, autistic children may be good at activities which normal children may never be able to accomplish. Understanding & acknowledging this fact will go a long way in reducing feeling of hopelessness & depression. The same can prove useful in case of ADHD in children.

In case you feel, you and the child needs to visit the child psychologist, do browse our data base and seek appointments with the best experts in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. They have the proven track record to help parents. 


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